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Imposter Syndrome is a big problem because tech is such a chaotic place. There's hardly any standards and it takes a ton of effort to stay on top of things like security, hardware, software (backend and frontend), and business techniques. Worst of all, management has no fucking clue how it all works or how necessary it is, so the IT department is often understaffed, leaving the professionals unable to properly peer check each other's work.

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He was the best in the district, and it was for that reason that the manager had overlooked his private delinquencies. But at last even his patience was exhausted, and he was told to go, and another man took over his role maintaining the machine.

And then the machine, as though in protest, refused to budge an inch, and all the factory hands were idle. Everyone who knew the difference between a machine and a turnip tried his hand at the inert mass of iron. But the machine, metaphorically speaking, laughed at them, and the manager sent for the discharged employee. He left the comfort of his home and came.

He looked at the machine for some moments, and talked to it as a man talks to a horse, and then climbed into its vitals and called for a hammer. There was the sound of a “tap-tap-tap,” and in a moment the wheels were spinning, and the man was putting on his coat to leave.

And in the course of time the mill-owner had a invoice:–“For fixing the machine: $1,010.00” And the owner of the works, being as owners go, a poor man, sent a polite note to the man, in which he asked him if he thought tapping a machine with a hammer worth a thousand dollars. And then he had another bill:—“For tapping machine with hammer: $10.00; For knowing where to tap it: $1,000.00; total due: $1,010.00”

Turns out all that time spent in my youth trying to get the video game machines to cooperate was a good investment.

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But the machine, metaphorically speaking, laughed at them
the machine laughed at them
metaphorically speaking

I'm glad he cleared that up...

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Tech is layered but being man made and documented out the ass, many people rely on almost all of it but understand less than 10%. Of that 10% they likely only understand 50% of what ever they're working in.

I've worked on most all layers from end-user support to application development, networking, sys-admin, hosting. Only thing I haven't done is electrical engineering but I know enough to identify causes of problems and teach others. I've had to hire hundreds of people in tech and I don't recall anyone that takes interest in learning things as in-depth as I have.

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Yup. Struggled with this a lot at my last job. Didn't help that I was also micromanaged excessively either. But speaking from experience, there are just some people that have no business being in tech and are just coasting by unnoticed because folks with actual work ethic and skills carry.

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If you only knew...

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How bad things really are?

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I absolutely hate my job as a "tech professional", it's not rewarding at all. In the majority of jobs I've had, I feel like a low status factory worker who has no input.

So I don't really feel like an imposter, but I do feel like "tech" is a shitty job, especially for what you have to know relative to what you get paid, it is probably the worst paying skilled profession.

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There are decent tech jobs to be found. I work for a big company but I actually feel like they give me a ton of opportunity to have my own input on things. Honestly if you're a good programmer and you're not happy, you really should look elsewhere.

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I'm not looking anywhere else, it's the same everywhere. The only type of place I haven't worked is a startup and that's not worthwhile unless you're a partner.

I work at a decent enough place that respects me enough to give me my own office with a door.

The reality is that you have to learn twice as much twice as often as equivalent professionals but your pay and prestige is half as much or less.

It's an awful low prestige profession and that's why mostly Indians work it anymore.

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it is probably the worst paying skilled profession.

Once you get enough experience you can get paid $100,000+, including benefits.

Software QA really seems to be where the money is in IT.

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I'm aware, I get paid something similar. It's not worth it.

For the same effort, I could have been a doctor and just be passing anti biotics and telling people to see a specialist for that and get twice the pay.

I could be a teacher and work half the hours at the same rate.

I could be a lawyer and receive undeserved prestige and maybe higher pay.

I could be any other type of engineer and not compete with hacks and crooks due to licensing schemes in my favor.

Hell, I could be a plumber and do better if I wanted to work hard.

The key thing is licensing, if we required similar licensing to other professions(and outsourcing was held to the same standard), doctors would lust over our salaries.

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Depends on what you are doing I suppose. I work with data processing in a niche market, and it's not bad at all. Decent pay ($70k USD), low cost of living area in the Midwest, not very many benefits but I like the company a lot. Boring work for the most part, mostly python stuff to help make spreadsheets and powerpoint statistics. I feel the work itself isn't as important as the pay though, jobs aren't suppose to be glamorous they are supposed to make you money and the money gives you self esteem.

I used to work in Silicon Valley a few years ago and even making good money there didn't feel very good because you always knew at least one person in the office who was struggling to survive. I worked at a big name company, everyone hated their job, even the managers. I knew people who lived out of their car, and I had to have a roommate as a middle-aged man, because renting an apartment would have cost me almost $2000 a month. I was never more unhappy in my life than when I lived in Silicon Valley.

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Go into management if you want to make decisions.

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If you knew how bad it was in IT management...

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Because they are. Tech professional here. They're called women.

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And durkas

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In fairness SOME of the pakis and pajeets are pretty awesome. Have worked with in person and would work with again. The ones that were always on the other end of a phone SUUUUUUUUCKED! Worse than imaginable. But all the durkas suck. I will also mention that the super rare Black Guy Geek exists and are fucking AWESOME to work with. Will keep you sane. By contrast the diversitiy hires and absolutely all Black Females are counterproductive. There are a precious few women that belong in tech, the ones that belong work extra hard to make up for the ones that don't belong. The ones that don't belong are just there to find a husband or are unmarriageable and the movies told them how much money they'd make in tech.

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Durkas: A word that is used in pretty much every sentence in the Middle East. Often accompanied by "sherpa" or other "durkas." durka definition by Urban Dictionary.

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I was going to say pajeets but that too.

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Mtf are just demonic harpies thats why they suck at their job

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To start by asking people to take a free 'Do you suffer from Impostor Syndrome?' quiz, they are going to tend to get people taking the quiz that already feel like that. People who don't feel that way, won't tend to take the quiz in the first place. So the results will be over loaded in favor of people who felt like frauds. You can't lead the expectation going into a study or you'll affect results.

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By my estimate 70% are

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Streetshitting Indians never feel like frauds but are grossly incompetent. They are only good at promoting others of their caste and goldbricking

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I feel like the type that are completely certain on things are absolutely dumb as a rock or sociopaths and not true experts. People who suffer from imposter's syndrome at least have the self awareness that they don't always have all the answers and/or are open that they may be wrong.

I had this discussion irl, whether life is easier being dumb and certain or always second guessing yourself.

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Yup. Best tech people I work with can humbly admit when they do not know. I absolutely hate working with folks who always have an answer. Rarely in that case are they not just voice acting, stringing together cool words that they heard somewhere. The smart ones are easy to identify because they are comfortable admitting when they just dont know. Females in tech will never do that, instead, if you ask them something and they dont know, they will get offended. Then instead of working on technical issues, you now have to have bullshit conversations about people's feelings.

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I'm a female and ALWAYS told my users when I didn't know something. What a false stereotype. Overall, the liars seem to do much better with the dumb users I've noticed.

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Because 75% of them are inbred Indians on H1B's that will do and say anything not to get deported back to that shit hole.

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