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I had to root to be able to remove all the social media apps from my HTC.

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With ADB it's simple (Android's native developer interface you access via your PC), and no need to root.

adb shell pm hide com.facebook.katana

This stops the app from running. You can find the name of an app in the URL at the Play Store, for example.

Careful, you can disable critical system apps this way. All the crapware installed on a phone can be permanently disabled like this. It still wastes flash space, but on well.

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Facebook wants to keep spying on you.

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At least they're not that hard to root, and you only have to do it once, unlike Apple products.

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You kidding right? I wanted to root my verizon s5, apparently no one bothered to crack it, so I sent them an email, they pretty much told me to fuck off so I told them I'm not buying their shit anymore.

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Took me forever to find a way to crack my old s4. Now on an S6 and I dont bother anymore.

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Did Bloomberg think the New Year brought them back to 2017? Why is this news?

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About the only thing you can really do without rooting the phone (most people aren't going to root their phones) is to find and disable the facebook services then go though your android app permissions and disable every permission for the app(s) themselves. You should probably do the same with the big obnoxious and always on Google search app bar thing that won't fuck off, turning off that apps microphone permission stops the OK GOOGLE crap.

I know just enough about the Facebook api that I guarantee while its "disabled" its still collecting data with several services still running its just probably not relaying that data. Facebook and Twitter are the try hards of data collection, they gobble up as much as they can about to build profiles but they basically give external parties access to virtually everything they collect, from text messages, to videos and photos on the phone in the hopes that someone will develop a secret sauce that will make them a fortune.

Thats actually the funny thing about cambridge analitica, its not some unique case, its not some sort of a fluke that never happened. Facebook was giving that data to the Hilary campaign and gave it to Obama campaign as well, they just sell it to absolutely anyone that wants it, always have and still do.

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This is why you never get a phone from a carrier especially in the US or Canada

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Bad news is that even the unlocked Galaxy phones probably have it. This appears to be a Samsung thing and not a carrier thing. Carriers do have their own bullshit loaded though. That's why you should get something unlocked and rootable with good ROMS available. If you can't bother with all of that get a Pixel or an Android One phone.

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Theres so much shit i cant get off my phone. If a company gave me a blank fucking phone id pay a preimim for that.

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I think I deserve a finders fee......

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Confirmed. Can't delete it on my S7. Comes preloaded. Most I can do is disable it.

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