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Lol, In Microsoft land, 32GB is a "low capacity device". My entire Linux distro will fit like five times over in 32GB thanks to Btrfs and it's Zstd compression. Linux not randomly installing a bunch of shit from third parties that I never asked for because they paid Microsoft to foist it onto users also helps!

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Consider it a stupidity tax. Shitting up 7GB of drive space out of the gate is simply Microsoft's way of punishing Windows users for being stupid enough to use it.

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Linux is a great answer. I use the extremely popular, easy-to-learn Linux Mint.

Walk away from Microsoft and Apple ... if not wholly created by the deep state, they completely sold out to them. Either way is not good for you, or us.

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You're not getting away from Microsoft by using Linux. Microsoft and Google are some of the top contributors to the linux foundation, and thus have major influence. Who do you think paid that psycho tranny to force the new CoC onto the linux foundation?

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Your concern concerns me.

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How do we get tranny CoC out of Linux?

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Can i play steam fallout new vegas on linux mint ?

[–] Low_Paid_Porno_Noob 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Yes. I have Skyim SE running just fine on mint. Even got Sexlab working although still no good boob physics compared to oldrim.

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<whiny voice> but gaaaaaming

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Gaming is decent on Linux now though. Unless you like your AAA wallet rape EA service then windows it is.

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Eh, there are only a couple games that I care about that don't run on Linux anymore. Steam is working hard to make Linux a viable platform.

Just dual boot into Windows for when you have to and run Linux the rest of the time. Linux distros make this very easy.

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Its a legitimate concern.

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Over half of the top 1000 played steam games can be downloaded and ran without any more hassle than Windows would take. Steam on Linux does all of the compatibility layer stuff for you as long as you click a checkbox in Steam's options (the one that says "Enable Steam Play for all titles" under the Steam Play tab).

Performance is very comparable to Windows. I can pretty much play all compatible games in 4K at 60 FPS with a Vega 64.

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I too use Mint. The only thing is games so I keep another machine with Win 7 around for that.

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another reason to avoid PCs with little storage

With the release of Windows Vista, the paradigm shifted to "not your computer but Microsoft's." No longer did operating systems take only enough resources to perform their tasks but as much as they could. Windows XP was the last MS OS that loaded and got out of your way.

With the exception of Windows 7, every OS release by MS since then has been an absolute steaming pile of shit.

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XP was the best they had, and 7 was an improvement with support but feels sluggish in comparison. Every other iteration of Windows is crap.

How Linux can have a million "out of the box" hardware configuration settings ready to go and still be 1/5th the size of windows is a joke.

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Windows 7 was still a steaming pile of shit if you don't tweak it first. The MS Search service DRAINS resources and is basically useless unless you happen to be a programmer or secretary.

[–] totes_magotes 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Always disable windows search and use Agent Ransack instead.

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Every OS needs tweaking though. It has always been that way

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Win2k was the best windows.

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lulz, win2k was retired before windows 95.

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I recently installed Ubuntu on my Laptop and never looked back. Microsoft with all their updates can go to hell.

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You can tell that you are new to Linux by this statement. Ubuntu will learn you quick that updates on Linux can fuck you way worse than Windows. Give it a year or two. Ubuntu will wreck your shit. I hope you're on an LTS. Still a leap in the right direction.

[–] UnknownAlias365 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Exactly. The only updates that have ever wrecked my system are linux updates of any distro, had it happen on nearly all main ones, like fedora is the latest example. Windows updates never broke my PC.

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Neither has a perfect track record but at least Linux listens when you turn them off.

I used to have a lot more issues with updates messing with stuff, mostly kernel updates would require recompiling the video driver before I could get a window manager to launch. But that was a long time ago, its rare that an update really borks the system anymore in my experience.

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And Time Machine will have him up and running again in 20minutes.

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rolling releases (my favorite is Manjaro) are good for this reason.

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Maybe appointing a street shitter to ceo was a bad move.

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In the next major release of Windows 10, Microsoft will reserve 7GB of your device's storage to resolve a Windows 10 bug thrown up by Windows Update not checking whether a PC has enough storage space before launching after big updates.

As Microsoft warned ahead of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, systems that don't have enough space to install Microsoft's 'quality updates' or new versions of the OS will see an error message explaining there is insufficient storage space.

  1. Am I missing something, or does this not really fix their issue, at least for the initial install? If you don't have the space to install this updated OS version that has an updated installer, then this initial update would fail, right? So the only thing this affects is subsequent updates. And if the only thing that you're concerned about is subsequent updates, then why not just patch the updating process to ensure there's enough space before proceeding?
  2. Complex software with millions of lines of code is complex, and bugs are the norm for any software company. But the idea that this kind of error would go through any kind of testing process (that Microsoft definitely has) seems inexplicable to me. Does anybody buy that this kind of error wasn't caught in testing? Could there be a more nefarious reason for this reserved space? (Not likely, but can't rule anything entirely out these days)
  3. To be honest though, the reserved space idea for an operating system doesn't sound too bad to me. It's space not just reserved for updates, but all temporary files. I assume that larger pro apps typically have to write to disk for various operations. Maybe it's a good thing to store all junk in one place and have the amount of junk on your system enforced to be no more than that designated size. It could actually save hard drive space (in the long run) if it's a way to keep these temporary files managed cleanly.

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I've had issues compiling the kernel in tmp, when it was only 8 gibs. I hardly expect Windows is compiling anything, so what's their excuse?

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On the other hand, it's good for the filesystem to have a good amount of space generally, to reduce fragmentation and avoid running out of space.

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