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McCarthy blasts Google ahead of CEO's House hearing | TheHill

'House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Kevin Owen McCarthyGOP struggles to find right Republican for Rules Veteran Capitol Hill aide Parker Poling to serve as next NRCC executive director ‘Wake up, dudes’ — gender gap confounds GOP women MORE (R-Calif.) is raising a series of concerns about Google a day before its CEO is slated to testify before Congress.“The Free World depends on a free Internet,” McCarthy wrote in a tweet on Monday. “We need to know that Google is on the side of the Free World (in particular, America) and will provide its valuable services free of political bias and censorship.”The tweet included a clip of an interview McCarthy gave on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” in which he also blasted Google over its handling of user privacy, antitrust concerns and its efforts to break into the Chinese market by developing a search engine that abides by the country’s censorship rules. '

'The tweet comes with Google CEO Sundar Pichai set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in a much-anticipated hearing on Tuesday. '

'Pichai and McCarthy arranged the hearing earlier this year following repeated accusations that the company has been stifling conservative voices. '

'McCarthy, who is set to become minority leader in the new Congress, has repeatedly accused tech giants of being biased against conservatives, a claim Google and other companies have denied. '

'A spokeswoman for Google did not immediately respond when asked for comment. '

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