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Linux receives donations?

Either way. Linux is compromised. We cannot tolerate a compromised foundation in our security protocol.

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The foundation was created to give Linus a salary to just work on Linux. They accepted donations since its inception to contribute to the salary. Now since the foundation is fully industry backed and sponsored, all donations in reserve and in the future have been repurposed for corporate charity that happens to match the corporation's political goals.

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And it is now clear just what "the corporation's political goals" are.

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People aren't dealing with the root of the problem.

Everything that is based in US or has plenty of US residents working on it will eventually be compromised and plagued by SJW leftism.

This is because US mainstream education, media, and everything else are dominated by cultural marxism. Right now, American public education system is creating mindless communist cadre NPCs en masse.

But what people did is simplifying the problem.. oh, it must be the ceo fault, it must be the jew fault, or whatever else blame game, which is all fine and good but then ZERO action is taken to rectify the problem. Nobody attempted to tackle the reality of the problem, the fact that >50% american residents are libtarded. Then they go and day dream like "nuke israel now" as if they have the launch code or anything close to that or if that actually make libtards magically disappear.

Then they go into a defeatist attitude like running away and stockpiling ammos and other survivalist tools awaiting for banking crash or whatever. I've seen this running away pattern so many times, urban conservative whites escaping from neighborhood and ceding controls to liberals everywhere, instead of tackling the communist inflitration of the education system, they chose to cede the education system to the commies instead of fighting back, resorting to home-schooling. Instead of fighting back, most white people chose to "apologize" instead for the supposed past wrong like every other race aren't enslaving or killing each other back then.

So of course, what we have is white people being marginalized in their own nations. Because they never fight back, they just run away from the problem. We lost the education system, we lost the media war, we lost the software industry, we lost everything. Whites ran away from twitter, then ran away from gab, then where next? And now we are supposed to run away from Linux to TempleOS or something like that? If you think that will actually fix anything, then I don't know what to say. Stop acting like a pacified, conquered natives.

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We need to all join a distro... I vote for Arch :) Then we add a section to "principles" about meritocracy and against leftism. It would attract good devs and community, I think.

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The easiest non-violent solution is to not do the crazy shit you just wrote and instead defund all leftist institutions (especially schools and feminst strong holds), put an onerous tax on leftist everything (especially multinational corporations that don’t climb on board the new plan and make whoring/single motherhood ridiculously expensive and long term monogamous relationships ridiculously cheap- seriously freezing assets is very easy), and make very public examples of the first few retards that defy the new plan.

Do those things and the system will stabilize itself, in spite of government, not because of government.

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Well said. Want to start some right wing schools or after school programs? I'm looking for something to do that matters

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so then.... what? BSD? i refuse to go to a mac (also bsd)

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If you can get BSD to work on a laptop, please tell me how.

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Haiku is another up and coming OS, also GNU Hurd if they ever get it going. I've heard there's also two BSD projects, one is SJW, the other isn't.

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post this to r/linux, get banned

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No, he wouldn't be banned, he'd get to the front page and the comments section would be filled with NPCs and shills giving approval for what the foundation is doing.

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ask me how i know!

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They need to get flooded with this shit. PM outreach

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It's time to fork the kernel.

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This really is the answer. The whole point of free software is that if something goes wrong with a popular package, someone else can fork it and fix the issue in the fork. The issue being social justice pollution in Linux's case.

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Or start from scratch, it worked for BeOS.

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In the case of operating systems, that doesn't really work. Mostly because hardware support is something that takes a lot of time to build up.

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That works as well.

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Force the anti-meritocracy folks to fork off of the meritocracy kernel and compete! Fucking hell...

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The people controlling the project ARE the anti-meritocracy folks. How the fuck are you going to force Linus out?

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What possible justification could there be for this?

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They just hugged it

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Or, you know, Microsoft didn't do that.

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  1. They probably get enough corporate donations to keep the program running.

  2. Claiming the chump change goes to diversity probably makes them feel like they are doing good.

  3. They do not recognize that replacing merit based selection in exchange for "diversity" based inclusion with doom their project.

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Killing all whites.

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Sustainable is a fucking environmental term. These retards just throw all the keywords in to virtue signal.

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An often overused one at that

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posting this to r/linux will get you banned

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It was hidden, but not locked or deleted. I didn't know this was a thing on Reddit. It's even worse than deleting because it doesn't show up on undelete pages. Soft hidden censorship. I understand the idea, that they're trying to moderate the community so it doesn't become a shit show, but this is a conversation that needs to be had to clarify what it means at least.

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OPs posting this to cause drama and are highly suspect to being an alt account. Removing.

Only selfposts show as deleted when removed by mods, you can still see the content of other types of posts.

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Welp, so much for that certificate I was going to pay for administered through the Linux foundation.

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I wanted a cloud foundry one. I work with cloud foundry but it's a skill that's pretty hot right now for the right companies so I figured I'd get the certification. The last place the Cloud Foundry site sent me to purchase a test voucher was the linux foundation :-/

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Yep. They've been racist and sexist for a while now. We took them off our corporate match donation program last year.

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