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Note to self: Do NOT fuck with linux nerds.

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Linux devs are some of the most hardcore programmers out there, I wouldn't fuck with them. It takes autistic passion for them to do what they do

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Weaponized Autism .... never fuck with it.

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I don't know about that. Finding a registry out of date happens from time to time.

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NSFW label fucking hell

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Linux.org is just a hobbyist fan site. kernel.org is where the devs and people with weight would be at. Official linux mailing lists have been trying to obtain linux.org for a while but the current owners want to keep it. Maybe this will help them :shrug:

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How can I access archive.fo and archive.is websites?
For the former, I get CloudFlare error 1001 and for the latter I get CloudFlare error 1016.

EDIT: So I fixed the error by logging into my router and removing CloudFlare DNS addresses from router DNS Static DNS settings.

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Opennic project DNS is superior

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don't click, it's disgusting

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Who reads comments before clicking the link?

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I thought this place was against degeneracy , and here we have a thumbnail of some dudes asshole in panties. Jesus

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