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I would love to see tech companies actually grow some balls about it and say "well we can no longer sell out products in your country, so Australia can no longer use windows, apple OS / iPhones .. etc etc... " the fallout would be fucking hilarious.

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Good luck with that.

You can pass a law forcing a rock company to squeeze blood out of the stones, but that doesn't turn fantasy into reality.

Anyone with access to the internet can still manually encrypt their own data - and I guarantee you if they do it right you'll never be able to prove that .zip file is actually an encrypted container and not just a corrupt zip.

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How the fuck is Australia western?

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America is sooooo jealous. Usually we are the acknowledged world leader in pro-Big Bro stuff, and now you say the Aussies have scooped us?!! Sob. Next those damn roo-fuckers will be off to land on Mars without us!

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Did the NSA stop sharing? The NSA doesn't have to ask, it's future wormhole technology let the NSA seize encrypted data long before it exists. Australia is a member of the not so secret NSA 5 eyes club.