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These are "leaks", so take I the info with a grain of salt.

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I've been waiting. The Threadripper 3 will be enough to allow me to finally retire this piece of shit i7-6950X I paid way too much for only to have it lose 38% of it's performance when Intel fixed their spying backdoors, and the Threadripper 2's didn't justify the upgrade when I found out that only 2 of the 4 physical die's had direct access to memory on the 2970 and 2990 (sneaky move by AMD).

Time to move the 6950X 64GB 3000MHz setup to the media server.

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not that bad.

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If these specs are true, and it appears they are, Intel will be out for a bit as an enthusiasts choice. Intel had a long run on top, and AMD had a long run as #2. Competition is wonderful, time for Intel to step up it's game.

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Look at all these cores i don't give a flying fuck about.

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I'm thinking to build a new machine. So far looking at the 8600k or 9600k, 3600mhz DDR4 ram and an overclocking board. (3600mhz ram seems to be the exact same price as 2666 etc ram, the rest sky rocket). Intending to use it as a machine learning reddit bot.

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Pretty reasonably priced compared to Intel prices. If it's even close to Intel it'll do great for the huge price difference. Sure it's expensive to get to the best chips but if you have the money then why not or even wait a year for a better deal. It's not like many of us hadn't played such a slow game in the past that the difference from now and then is amazing. Hell I played a demo of Dungeons of the Unforgiven in dos on win 3.11 and when I moved or turned the image blinked and I was looking at another image and solitaire was the same click a spot and a second later the image blinks and the card is just there in the new spot, No movement just the PC redrawing the entire game image on the screen with on thing "the card" in a different spot. It was so slow. I remember playing Duke Nukem on the PC also and it was amazing he actually moved, I was kind of in shock because besides Spear of Destiny stuff didn't run around and you didn't see your character moving just seeing like a movie in front of you, it was so simple and basic but it was new so it was fun for a while.

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Hm. Not worth it to upgrade for me, I’m on a 1600x right now. Maybe in a couple of years.

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I'm still on the 1000 series too. It's nice to have the latest and greatest but I wouldn't see much benefit from upgrading.

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So I’m running my 1600x oc’d to 3.9 ghz. I just play games and do a bit of virtualization with gns3. Nothing serious so I really won’t see a benefit. What I have is perfect for what I do.

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