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Will Google be running the Microsoft store?

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https://archive.fo/P7RgM :

Edge dies a death of a thousand cuts as Microsoft switches to Chromium | Ars Technica

'The initial version of Edge that shipped with the first version of Windows 10 was rudimentary, to say the least. '

'Quick integration is straightforward for a pure clone of Chromium, but the more Edge diverges from Chromium, the harder this task becomes. '

'Microsoft has significant reasons to want to avoid any major deviation, but it would be a shame if Edge users were forced to give up the things Edge does well just so Microsoft can stay close to Chromium. '

'Microsoft would like things, such as improvements to scrolling performance, to be merged into core Chromium so that the experience even of Chrome users on Windows is improved. ', "This coupling with Windows 10 similarly means that there's no facility to offer Edge to Windows 7 or even macOS users."

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