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Just once I'd like this retard to get butt-fucked by an angry Hawaiin.

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or get the hitler pineapple anal treatment

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why not both?

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Just once? You're a kinder man than I.

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And you are not a kind man!

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I miss MySpace.

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https://archive.fo/pAjUx :

Awkward... Revealed Facebook emails show plans for data slurping, selling access to addicts' info, crafty PR spinning • The Register

'When you granted an app access to your Facebook account, it got its hands on your personal info. '

'"As part of their NUX, you can find friends via FB. Unless anyone raises objections, we will shut down their friends API access today. ', "These include whitelisting certain third-party apps so that they could access profile information of their users' friends seemingly without permission."

'Six4Three alleges that these emails prove Facebook gave preferential treatment to certain apps by allowing them this extra data access for longer than everyone else. ', "Facebook denies this, saying that it was the only option to ensure users' apps didn't break."

This has been an automated message.

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I covered some of the more interesting points and linked to the PDF from UK Parliament yesterday, but think my post was a bit too boring:


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That is a good post. +1

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I thought so, but I'm clearly biased for my own work. Didn't quite catch on, though.

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You just made my pussy wet

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Anyone surprised? When was Facebook born? When did Lifelog officially die?

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Kikes gonna kike.

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A bullet hole in the center of that asshole's forehead would improve his looks so much.

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