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Quantum = Buzzword

Quantum Computers sound like a scam honesty

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yeah the processors needs to run at sub-below freezing temps and by that we are talking space type freezing temps measured in kelvin units

yeah that's BS

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Since they haven't even gotten past the super chilled required for it then I say a decade is much to optimistic and 30 years is more likely for anything but the most major of government or wall street to see something.

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Computers as we know them, are digital, and are finite state machines. This permits us to understand their state at any time, direct, control, and provide absolute digital inputs and get absolute outputs. It isn't convincing to me that a system of infinite states, where indeterminate results are meaningless and can't be understood, perceived or evaluated, is a superior system for processing data as we have become accustomed.

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https://archive.fo/YiSlM :

Keen for much-hyped quantum computing to finally land? Don't expect it for a decade • The Register

'The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine issued a report this week on the state of quantum computing. ', "Perhaps more importantly, quantum computing researchers can look forward to years of funding because it's anyone guess how long it will take to create a commercially useful quantum computer."

'The Register asked D-Wave, which sells quantum computing hardware, if anyone there cared to comment on the report. '

'Current quantum systems, which rely on quantum bits or qubits, make too many errors to be very useful at scale. '

'"Cryptographic code-breaking is one of the most demanding applications in terms of number of qubits and error correction needed."'

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