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Censorship is censorship. It doesn't matter if it's loli,gore,or rape,sooner or later it's all the porn. All the suggestive stuff. All the "hate speech". And now your site is censored and you can't post anything. Censorship never stops with "just this one thing". It grows like a cancer and kills sites.

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A small fact the pro-censorship idiots never can quite seem to grasp, til it hits a bit too close to home, then it's time to rant and rage. They break out the firebrands and pitchforks in 2004 because of Janet Jackson's tit, and once that ball starts rolling, it keeps on going and growing, til you finally have the sorry shit of today.....where pretty much everything/everyone is fair game.

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This was not an accident. What were they killing that wasn't porn?

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There are even claims that reblogs of the post announcing the ban on adult content has itself been flagged.

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On a positive note, the christianoids now have a site waiting to be filled with their unique brand of Walt Disney-type bland, dull jeasusfreaky goodness! Victorian prudes now have their long dreamed of (and desperately prayed for) 'safe room', just like the 'big boy' SJWs do!

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Tumblr. It's all downhill from here on.

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Welp, goodbye tumblr.