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I propose this to be ONLY used on politicians.

That would force gov to be the will of the people.

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We don't even need a lie detector just harsh punishments

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Execution for first offense!

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If polygraphs can be passed easily because you just believe the lie. Then why not this one? They are both measuring stuff that's supposed to be involuntary. Poly it was heart rate and some other shit, now this one just the eye? Article was gay as hell, just made some bug references to a scifi movie and gave basically a 5 yr old girls explanation of the tech.

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I doubt it

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https://files.catbox.moe/drs12h.png :

An Eye-Scanning Lie Detector Is Forging a Dystopian Future | WIRED

'Screening new hires used to involve lengthy, expensive polygraph tests, which typically require certified examiners to facilitate them. '

'Polygraph tests are a $2 billion industry in the US and, despite their inaccuracy, are widely used to screen candidates for government jobs. '

'Sitting in front of a Converus EyeDetect station, it’s impossible not to think of Blade Runner. '

'By comparison, many academics consider polygraph tests to be 65 to 75 percent accurate. '

'Its low price and automated operation also allow it to scale up in a way that time-consuming and labor-intensive polygraph tests never could. '

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