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Neat trick. White supremacists are too smart to join the apple cult to begin with

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I have a work iPhone and Mac. Mostly because I hate Google and Microsoft.

On the personal side Some if the Linux based machines were either pure shit or version 1.0 with their first buyers being Beta users (Purism).

With Linux having gone full cuck (THANKS Linus, yet another dick move by you and your Portland self), I’m not even sure where to go if I ended up selling my Mac.

We should just create our own so they can start banning software installs on Nazi machines too! Getting real tired of this shit.

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What the hug is wrong with Linux.

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I have a work iPhone and Mac.

Gay bitch despite reasons.

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I don't have an iphone but I use a mac, just haven't found a better designed laptop and get them free like candy working for startups.

Knowing google seems to hate whites also, we're looking like whites are headed back to razr phones.

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Korean and japanese electronics are ok, they're woke and can be confident they arent run by jews.

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Librem 5

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Build a hackintosh. My main computer boots into windows 7 or osx.

I really just have the osx for music production via logic pro, and it takes time and a little elbow grease to get it working - but if you really needed a mac, this is the way to go.

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Tim Cook is a sodomite, so.....

The "Anti-Defamation League" is just jews who make up enemies and then attack the straw men, just like brave bold Samson of old.


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Speak for yourself lol, I like the aesthetic

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And soldered ram to the board?

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That's gay

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Tim Cook is a homo.

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Pozzed degenerate

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Faggots are always on the far left because all they care about is the continued rights to fuck little boys.

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then what the fuck are you doing here? no little boys here.

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Let Apple die like Steve Jobs did from trying to cure cancer with vegetables. Fucking idiot

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I just wonder where all these white supremacists are... the way people carry on you would think there are brown shirts marching the streets enforcing the will of the fuhrer or some shit.. the only white supremacists that exist are all hidden away on little forums / chatrooms and social media groups, they have zero impact on anything of relevance and spend most of their time circle-jerking over 'jews' or 'niggers' ...

The real danger to society at the moment is the hardcore left wing crazies, who actually are trying to enforce their ideology through violence and take over of social institutions.

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That's true.. white supremacists have zero power in real life. Easily the most fringe political movements. The only real force irl that are against immigration and cultural marxism are the civnats they despise so much.

It is an exclusive movement that doesn't even have the support of 10% of whites, since the 90%+ are either libtards, or part of the mainstream conservative movement that circle jerk on "le based color." Even white nationalists are still way more popular than strict white supremacists.

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Nationalists have a valid political point a lot of the time, I think that's why there are more, and with the way the left has been going, is it any wonder people are moving towards that kind of mindset. Multi-culturalism is a failure.

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We know. Welcome to voat.

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Been here a lot longer than most :) In fact, I've been here since it was whoaverse, long before all the reddit rejects came here after the sjws kicked their asses off reddit. . .

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Of course, i would not want to pay that much for a product that is not any better then something half that price.

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In many ways worse

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Why wouldn't you want your RAM soldered into place? Do you want it to just fall out or something?

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aka straight white men

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Faggots hate nothing more than traditional family.

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exactly. basically any white person that doesn't openly denounce themselves and praise non-whites. apple has and always will be a company who sells products to absolute fucking faggots.

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This is severe mental retardation. This is as dumb as lauren hill of the fugees saying she doesnt want white people to listen to her music.

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lol she really said that?

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Years ago. I think it was during Bush43's first term.

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What is it with CEOs and alienating their consumer base? Why can't you go back to selling a fucking product and letting people decide whether or not to buy based on the merits of the product? Also, as a mac user, these computers are essentially Linux Lite, with tons of restrictions requiring a cold restart into a boot terminal to toggle off

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with tons of restrictions requiring a cold restart into a boot terminal to toggle off

What am I doing wrong or right to have never needed to do this?

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SIP or Rootless. If you’re a Unix junkie it’s a little crazy, the administrator by default doesn’t have root priveledges but you can disable that by booting into recovery mode and running a command. If you’re a Unix junkie, OS X is Linux lite. Personally as a developer I find it to be a more efficient workflow than Linux, and windows is out of the question.

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