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Only took them a whole goddamn decade. I'm guessing more and more studios have been using other means of doing physics (such as Havok) in their products, to the point where nvidia wasn't really making much money licensing it anymore. It'd be nice if some of their other gameworks crap goes open source in the near future too.

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Nvidia has had to send their own programmers out to studios to get the PhysX up and running in games. Any game that had PhysX fully running on the GPU had Nvidia tech show up to do the heavy lifting.

Nvidia doesn't have the brand "dominance" they did even five years ago. So now its off to the open source community in hopes of getting use and some free work done.

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Pretty much. It'd be interesting to see if the WINE people can make use of this, though, to get older games running better in Linux.

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I use havoc to simulate body tissue.

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Havok won the middleware physics battle years ago. Even Gameworks showpiece titles use Havok so Fallout 4 uses it for physics and animation, Assassins Creed games are another gameworks showpiece that uses it extensively, even The Witcher 3 was using all Havok SDK's right up until the last minute with Geralts hair animated by Havok, all of the wind, debris, cloth, and water FX done by Havok, and I think the dynamic animations are still done by Havok (CDPR have no problem letting other companies offset the development costs so Nvidia pumped a tonne of money into the project and basically ported it to Gameworks for CDPR).

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BSD-license even, nice.

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This is some good news. Should be good for both the developers and NVIDIA.

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Well that was unexpected.

Implementation in Mesa in 3... 2... 1...

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In the lifecycle of software, opensource is right about the step where a company says "it's no longer profitable to maintain this software. Let a bunch of unpaid volunteers work on it instead. Then hire one or two of them to motivate the rest of the dumb-asses with empty hope."

In other words, it's the step before a product dies.

Sometimes 'death' can be dragged out a long time, but it doesn't change the fact that someone at the company decided "this isn't worth putting money into any more."

Havok all the way.

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Lots of good comes from people scavenging the left-overs and making new stuff, though. I can't even begin to count all of the software which is commonplace, now, that started off as OSS forks of something that used to be proprietary.

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Havok won that war a long time ago

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thanks for sharing

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Too bad the drivers aren't. I recently became a free software fanatic, and I don't think I'll buy any GPU anytime soon.

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Well, there are OSS drivers for graphic cards, you know.

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