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It would be horrible if it accidentally targeted Israel.

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It seems there's an international technology race nowadays. Interesting, no?

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That's pretty fucking cool.

I have to imagine if they're talking about this the weapon exists in a usable form. That's fucking nuts, Russia to D.C. in 15mins? What a bargaining chip.

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The technology is very problematic and has a large failure rate - at least for Russia. The US has been working on the technology for many decades. So basically Russia is catching up and using it as a means to push propaganda. Likely largely pushed by the Deep State and the Industrial Military Complex. Because having a technologically advanced "enemy" always means more tax dollars for them.

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Agree. They're definitely in the U.S. There are plasma balls over us all the time. Sometimes you can catch one on a clear day. Otherwise, just go look outside at night, can't miss them.