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"About sending electricity through the air" No it's about getting free power from the ether or Earth. Why do they always say Tesla wanted to send power l electricity through the air?

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He had figured out ways to transmit wirelessly through the Earth as well as collecting power from the ether. I'm not sure why people are always talking about sending it 'through the air'.

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Tesla is innovative. It always seems to spring back no matter what. I'm expecting great things.

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He invented the base stuff we use majorly today. AC power transmission. Wireless related anything is a huge one. Then there's those lovely (they're getting better) fluorescent light bulbs. He had the original compact version to light the world fair but it didn't have the Edison Screw base which was patented and though he did ask for its use, he was denied.

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Every generation, A little more progress is made in science I guess. Scientists really do stand on the shoulders of giants.

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It won't be made public until they have established a way to monetize it.

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