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I understand why they wouldn't want to downgrade to windows 10

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They keep thinking Microsoft will put out something better.......still waiting.

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They do that because it does everything they need it to and they've custom patched all the vulnerabilities out of it. Windows 10 in a military setting would be a security nightmare.

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I'll be honest with you, it's actually easier to secure than 7. The military gets its own version of the windows OSs, which have most of this privacy and security flaws ripped out. In the case of the army, it's called army gold master.

Before the army started pushing that version out, I played around with a copy of 10 home, trying to secure it. It was fucking impossible to get it anywhere near even red, compliance stayed in the black non stop. With the army version at least, it ships green compliant as far as STIGs go. The army win7 version shipped red, and to make it green on STIGs would break core components of the operating system.

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I had a good laugh when there was a big to-do about banning Russian software/Kaspersky because security issues...probably the least of our problems if it's even true at all

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Yup. Parts of the USN use windows 3.1 or msdos. Some don't have any OS.

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Embedded systems. The OS is a simple program that runs everything needed. It's largely bug free and if something goes wrong it resets and is up in seconds. It's like the difference between an NES Super Mario cartridge, and the latest Battlefield that requires 30 updates to be downloaded onto your console before you can sorta play it.

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There's been a huge shift to using Linux variants over the last decade in the Navy, but a few legacy systems still rock WinNT

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They do that because they've never created an operating system of their own. I'm sure they can, they created Bletchley Park, they should give it a go. How about the Rolls-Royce of OSes?

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If its not linked to anything. And it does evwrything you need. There is no need to change it.

Its like the story of the space shuttle running the same hardware for 30 years. This board had one job. Fire the rockets upon re-entry. And it did its job. So why change it?

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Windows ME is the absolute worst version of Windows.

Plagued with issues, random lockups and things just generally not functioning smoothly. I say this as a systems admin whom had windows 98 computers on the network and one windows ME computer that would always shit the bed.

Fuck windows ME.

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Yeah all the listicles always list ME as the worst OS.

XP always gets high marks though.

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I was a fan of windows 98 and 98se and xp and windows 7.

Nowadays I only use windows when I have to, which is at work.

I prefer different flavors of Linux for personal use. Trisquel, Mint, Ubuntu, Xubuntu.

I use xfce desktop.

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I had 98SE for the longest time. Skipped ME and went straight to XP. Kept XP through the Vista fiasco then went to 7.

I refuse to touch 8 or 10. My next OS install will be either Debian or PureOS.

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Makes sense. Windows Me won't arbitrarily deactivate itself, nor will it reboot without permission to install updates. Therefor, Windows Me is a more reliable product than Windows 10.

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I actually might be the only person who liked ME.

I should elaborate. See, I haven't actually had a whole lot of experience using Windows. I didn't actually use Windows until after we needed it so that we could interact with clients. Even then, I didn't really use it much. As the employer, I had other things to do and those tasks were generally handed out to employees.


I bought an Acer desktop. It came with an AMD K6-2 350 MHz. I was able to overclock it to just about 450 MHz and it was stable and wouldn't overheat.

The thing is, it came with ME. All the hardware was certified to work with ME and, strangely enough, it actually did work with ME. I ran an OpenNap server and a hub, and I'd have uptimes in the 6 to 9 month range. When things did go pear-shaped, it was easily restored - even from outside the real operating system, 'cause you could restore from the DOS mode.

So, I'm like one of the 17 people, globally, that had a great experience with Windows ME. For whatever reason, that particular combination of hardware (it was all "ME Certified" or some shit, I forget Microsoft's name for hardware certification, but that might be right) managed to run ME just fine and with great stability.

I'd later use XP for a while and, even for a very short time, used Vista which I didn't actually hate after SP1 came out. Still, ME was quite a good OS in my experience. Yes, I'm well aware that my experiences absolutely don't represent the experiences that most people had. The only thing that I can think of that'd impact that was that the hardware just happened to be the right combination.

Strange, but true.

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Sounds like my WinME experience. The only problem I encountered was installing drivers, the OS didn't understand where its own windows directory was (and sub folders like /etc, /drivers). I did have uptimes similar to yours of around 9 months max.

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LOL I never had driver issues 'cause they were right on the Acer CD titled something like "System Drivers and Software."

It was just that magic combination that made my ME experience very different than most other people. Once in a while, I meet someone else (such as you) who also had similar experiences. I wish I'd kept track of how many and where those encounters were made. There aren't many others and I'm pretty prolific and get around on a variety of sites.

For a while, I was active on the Microsoft Windows ME newsgroups. I'm pretty sure the Windows 3.1 newsgroups had more activity!

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AMD K6-2 350 MHz

I had one running at 318 MHz and win 95 (?) would hang half the time on boot because the cpu was so fast. I forget what the exact error was.

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Yeah, that was when I started my journey using AMD for my personal computers. Good times.

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Maybe 6 years ago I had a job where we had an ME computer. The company had a custom compiler made for a chipset it had engineered and it was really expensive apparently to get the compiler modernized to work on linux or a newer version of windows so we just kept it isolated on the network and kept on using it to build that software.

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https://archive.fo/ndu3O :

Windows XP? Pfff! Parts of the Royal Navy are running Win ME • The Register

'Boatnotes The Royal Navy is running Windows ME – and XP, and even an early version of Apple Macintosh. '

'Your correspondent, during a few days embedded aboard seabed survey ship HMS Enterprise, asked the crew what systems were in operation aboard the ship’s networks. '

'XP officially died in 2014, though the usual pay-if-you-want-it extension applied for another few years after that. '

' As well as guns and missiles, this also covers communication and information systems – known as CIS, in the inevitable military acronym. '

'The answer was a real mixture.“We’re 5-10 years behind the rest of the world,” said one, only half-joking. '

This has been an automated message.

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One of my old work centers had a Windows 95 machine. It's only job was to print messages on a dot matrix printer.

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Hehehe, reminds me of the reliability of Linux. The ones who love it most only use it to load a web browser and surf the net.

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