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Aw mom

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Imagine if somebody had done this to Jim Acosta or Anderson Cooper. MSM would be losing their minds.

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I mean... I GUESS this is a step in the right direction?

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Tucker's last main point was that the GOP and the government in general need to invest, support, and encourage Americans having families and children to grow the middle class. This enrages globalists. Promoting nationalism is now socially unacceptable an punishable by Democrat mob attacks.

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encourage Americans having families and children to grow the middle class.

They called this an antisemitic message. Antifa is anti America.

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Having a strong well educated middle class is very anti semetic. Once people know the truth about jews they will cut support for them and their trillions in stolen welfare.

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Good. Mob justice is no way for a civil society to behave.

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"Mob justice"? These are MOBS-FOR-HIRE.

Those Antifa motherfuckers are paid.

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Its not a mob if useful idots or niggers are doing it its only a mob when whites get together in groups more than 3.

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gatewaypundit is fake news

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Reinstated in 2 days.

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Shouldn't it be *cooperates with law enforcement to determine identity of person who organized a riot?"

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Absolutely. Its almost like they are trying to hide their identities.

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