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https://archive.fo/ez32k :

UK rail lines blocked by unexpected Windows dialog box • The Register

'It isn’t just you that can’t get Office 2010 to uninstall silently. '

'We asked the UK’s rail operator, Network Rail, if they were having some IT difficulties but have, alas, yet to receive a response. '

'Twitter user Rob D noted all the screens last week were requesting permission to go ahead and remove Microsoft Office 2010 with a dialog box obscuring some minor information like, er, the lines from platforms 13 to 19. '

'Regular users of Victoria will know that those serve trains heading to, among others, Gatwick Airport. '

'The mighty brains behind the UK railways have had just as much trouble. '

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Poor sysadmins

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No competent designer for critical/production systems should ever choose to implement their design on an operating system or hardware platform over which they do not have complete control. Windows ceased being even a moderately-acceptable choice for anything with the passing of Windows 2000. Managers who buy this shit need to be summarily fired.