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Malware OS behaves like malware, news at 11.

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but will it be 11 home or pro?

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11 Malware Edition.

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Imagine paying for an OS that shit.

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lol.. what the fuck?

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https://archive.fo/ZmCUn :

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server • The Register

"Updated Microsoft's activation servers appear to be on the blink this morning – some Windows 10 users woke up to find their Pro systems have, er, gone Home."

'The Register contacted Microsoft to learn more, and we will update if there is a response. '

'The vast majority of issues reported so far appear to be from users who upgraded from a previous version. ', "Twitter user Matt Wadley was one of the first out of the gate, complaining that following an update to the freshly released Insider build of next year's Windows, his machine now thought it had a Windows 10 Home licence."

'Affected customers are advised to sit tight and wait for a fix. '

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