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all the dickflash monobrows are going to be all over that piece of kit.

Do we want that type of kit on the streets? Are we not already spied upon enough as it is?!

there is a strong child protection issue here that is not being addressed.

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Any technology that can be used for sex/voyeurism is going to accelerate the technology. That's the only reason the internet is as popular as it is today. All started with someone just wanting to see boobies. Probably gonna be the only reason we develop AI in the future...to have legal robot sex slaves

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This concept was used in the book The Circle.

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Angry person can't key anyone's car anymore because cameras will catch him. May as well go whole Hogg and go out in ablaze of glory. I think most people would rather have their car keyed. safety valves.

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You know it’s coming anyway. Most gas stations in the ghetto have as many cameras as casinos.

I’m assuming I’m being recorded. One thing I’m looking forward too is the deployment of more HD with DVD quality audio the size of a quarter or smaller.

Then we can really actually prove to the sheltered what niggers are all about. And the savage apes will see whites are not racist at all and don’t plot against them.

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how much is it? This could be useful for travel.

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320x320 resolution.

Thanks, but I'll stick to my current setup.

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