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Where to start with all the problems with this fake news article? Though calling this incoherent train of thought blogspam an "article" is being generous.

First. There is no coverup of the bird deaths. For example, De Telegraaf is (one of) the largest daily newspapers in the country: Mysterie rond dode vogels. Despite having a reputation of being somewhat sensationalist, they make no speculation about 5G.

Second. The "proof" that this is caused by 5G offered by this blogspam is a link to Exhibit A: "a new 5G mast". Only trouble is, this picture of the "5G" mast has been circulating the internet since at least 2009. Needless to say, there was no 5G (not even pre-standard) trials back then. Likewise the link to the "proof" that similar incidents also occured in Sweden, Australia, United States is also from 2009.

Show us some real proof and I'll be the first to accept it. The research group that can prove a real link between any mobile technology (5G or otherwise) is going to win Nobel Prizes all round. Many legitimite scientists are putting big efforts into this type of research.

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So tell me. Is this one of those muddy-the-waters tactics.

We know this stuff is bad, there are studies, is this article designed to get the response you just have in order for everybody to connect the discrediting if this article to all 5g criticism?


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To me it just looks like tinfoil hat conspiracy theory..

Anyway when you say we know it's bad it's only kinda true. It's well known that military radars will occasionally boil a bird if it so happens to be switched to highest power and the bird ventures into the disc where the output is at its highest. It's essentially a microwave oven at that point. But it's got nothing to do with frequency and it doesn't matter if it's a 1950's radar or a modern antenna. It's how many Watt you pour into the thing and your proximity to it. Understanding this any radiowave emitter is of course kept at a minimum output and with a precaution to distance.

I suppose you could also compare it with sound if that makes it easier. This mighty beast is the Matterhorn subwoofer build for the US military. 40kW hornloaded for extra output loaded into a freight container. It's not going to be comfortable standing where the guy is at full power, but a few 100 yards away, sure no problem.

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This is one of those things where uninformed people can just go nuts because they just don't know what they are talking about and because they don't know what they are talking about, any bullshit anyone makes up seems entirely plausible and dangerous.

We can use fancy words like 5G, millimeter wavelengths, microwaves, etc, all day long. At the end of the conversation, all we are talking about is light. There are two questions you need to ask to find out if a frequency is dangerous or not.

  1. Is this ionizing?
  2. Is this microwave?

Ionizing radiation is bad because the ions will disrupt your DNA and cause cancer. So, we are talking about everything UV and above. 5G is on the entirely opposite side of the spectrum. In this regard, the color red, or green, or blue, or orange, is more dangerous than 5G. Do the tin foil hatters run for dear life whenever they see a color? No, OK, so in this regard, they are being irrational.

OK, but what about microwaves? Those are dangerous, right? Yes, but not because it's going to cause cancer, but because that is the specific frequency that water interacts at. A microwave oven heats food because it's bumping into water molecules in the food. It's a pretty specific band. Move outside of this band and it's perfectly safe. 5G is outside this band.

So, you are left asking yourself, IF 5G is dangerous, what is the physical mechanism that makes it dangerous? It's not magically dangerous. There must be a real, testable reason that it is dangerous. And we know the danger isn't from ionizing radiation, we know that the danger isn't from boiling water molecules. But, when you present the question to the tin-foil hatters, they can't give you an answer other than, "I'm superstitious". And if you press them on the issue, they'll come back with the same point you brought up "There are studies, (that my cousin Cletus told me about)" then you ask, "Oh, so what did the study say was the physical mechanism to make it dangerous?", "Well, you see, the answer is, 'It's magic and I'm superstitious', see the study is here on this conspiracy website".

Then the tin-foil hatter turns on the AM radio to listen to his favorite AM radio talking-head to listen about how dangerous these 5Gs are not realizing that AM radio frequency is far, far, far closer to 5G than any of the dangerous stuff. The tin-foil hat has been soaking up 5G frequencies all his life and never knew it. Never even bothered him one bit until someone gave it a name and some other idiot decided it was magically dangerous.

So, in response to what you said,

We know this stuff is bad

No, we know what light is, and which light is harmful and which is harmless. 5G is in the harmless part of the spectrum. If anyone wants to disagree, describe the physical mechanism by which it causes harm. Is it ions knocking apart DNA? No. Is it interacting with water molecules? No. OK, what is it. I mean, WE KNOW THIS STUFF IS BAD! OK, so HOW is it bad? Is it magic?

there are studies

Yeah, I read those studies too. Dale Gribble showed me this really cool conspiracy blog. They also had a lot of convincing articles about Aliens and Sasquatch and JFK.

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This is exactly what is happening.. The truth is 5G is incredibly harmful to us

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The big issue with 5g is how it effects human brainwaves and alters emotional responses.

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But it's just various milimeter bands, no? I've used several of those for decades as a HAM.

Who actually falls for this shit?

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Reference please. 5g might be less dangerous because it is more efficient. So you'd be getting less signal into your body per gigabyte. Of course there is a relationship with frequency and power - and 5g is higher frequency - so none of the analyses I've seen out there so far do a good job of discerning the truth in this matter.

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You’re assuming these frequencies were unused until 5G came up. Doubtful. Frequencies are a scarce resource.

So here’s a simple exercise even you can do:

  1. Lookup which frequencies are proposed for 5G in your area.
  2. Lookup what these frequencies have been used for in the past.

Results may surprise you!

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They said glypho would be perfectly safe. Cross-contamination not even possible!


'cuz scientists

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I just don’t get it I’ve worked around uhf vhf hf fm and am even microwave while serving as a commo guy in the army from the old teletype ratrigs to EPLRS and blue force tracking what in the fuck makes 5g anymore dangerous than the directional microwave line of sight antennas this is all just nonsense spread by companies who want to scare their customers so they’ll be ok with substandard technology. Hell 5 G doesn’t even have more range it just allows for more data to be transferred if anything it probably has less range anyway ok I’m done ranting but if anyone has the actual studies that shows that 5G is dangerous let me know because I remember them saying the first cellphones where going to put tumors in all of our heads.

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Should be easy to calculate. It is supposedly more efficient. Higher frequency means potentially more power being absorbed by the organism. But more antennas, less range, lower power could mean less overall exposure. I've not seen any good analyses yet, so I don't know.

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5G should be of concern regardless though.

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You can have your entire phone uploaded to a server somewhere and it won't even impact the Youtube cat videos you watch! Hand rubbing intensifies

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Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with being bombarded by microwaves. The TSA says so. /s

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Terahertz waves

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You're always being bombarded by microwave radiation, retard.

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That totally justifies increasing the bandwidth in which we are being bombarded with. Thanks for changing my opinion. Stick to criticizing fat folks chief.

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Change bird to people and it’s easy to imagine a future when civil unrest is quelled with one touch of a microwave button.

Fun fact: microwaves vibrate water molecules which in turn create heat through friction thus cooking your dinner.

Even more fun fact: you are made mostly of water molecules....., in other words, you are a dead duck out of luck if ....they... decide to fry you

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If you were to think of the 2.4gz frequency coming out of the towers and routers and microwaves in decibels. A router is at about 5-9 dB and a 800w microwaves is as about 30dB.

You can test to see if you microwave is properly sealed. Trying to call a phone that has be placed in the microwave. You should not be able to. Even if the microwave is leaking radiation you will be ok if you don't stand too close. The strength falls off pretty quickly a fwe feet should do the trick.

I wonder how strong a 2.4gz plus would have to be in order to cause a hear t attack.

I am not sure how may for you a constant low level of radiations would be.

It would tack about 30mins of 2.4gz at 30db to heat a person to 100°C

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Eat meat.

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Yeah.. This is a hoax.

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I've noticed a trend. Things like this, global warming caused by man, any other things like that get posted on voat in the early morning.

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I dunno, maybe? I see it come in waves mostly. With this topic getting traction it wouldn't surprise me if we see some posts about chemtrails or what not.

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Global warming is a lie! It's pretty obvious. That does not mean that any concern about pollution, garbage, and new technology is invalid.

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Oh god its a fucking shill larp pseudo kike camqagn to false flag your rectum goy!!

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Maybe all the tinfoil hatters work the third shift.

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this is just some jew propaganda promoted by the jewropean union that doesn't want the goyim to communicate.

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5g is still very harmful

[–] keksupreme 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

based on no real evidence.

the evidence is jews don't want the goyim to be able to communicate. so sad

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5g is banned in Israel.

Yeah. Read that again.

[–] keksupreme 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago  (edited ago)

yep...that makes sense.

there is a lot of censorship in israel too in terms of the internet.

they need to stick with the propaganda so that they are all brainwashed

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Yes, make it about the Jews. Voat won't listen otherwise.

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i mean...it is though.


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Who gives a shit about wildlife or people's health and wellbeing as long as we get to be constantly watched, surveilled and (((protected))) by (((intelligence community))) for the sake of multiculturalism and democracy?

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very good.

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Bullshit article or not, I do not trust 5G yet and if they put that shit up near me I'm gone.

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