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Well I know that Linux kernel development is fucked now, I really don't see the problem with this. Linux is constantly adding support for new and unusual hardware. Adding new CPU architecture support is something that has happened numerous times.

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i think the main concern would be backdoors with anything chinese

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Adding kernel support doesn't mean you need to use the hardware. American chips absolutely have backdoors btw

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Way less concerning than Android. Unless you're using CopperheadOS or something, then Android==Google. Linux is way more malleable. What we need is an alternative Android OS - like CopperheadOS - that supports more hardware and is more widely used. CopperheadOS is a good example because it nearly has enough apps working for everyday use. If a quality HW company like OnePlus or a similar would pay for support, then we'd be well on our way!

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I should preface this comment with a statement that I have frozen my kernel at 4.18.8, which was the last stable release before Linus left the kernel.

The addition of new chinese chips is nothing to be worried about. The new chinese chips are either just a line or two in Linux's existing Zen driver to support the new hardware ID, or in a completely separate (read: non-selected by default) part of the linux kernel. Support for the chip did not touch any other part of the kernel (except for adding makefile entries).

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What do you think the odds are that within the next 18 months, some vulnerability will be found in the old kernel? And you'll be forced to update to stay secure. It seems like that's always what happens. You can't stick with the old stuff for too long.

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The thing about linux is that you can check out that update yourself. And make changes to it if you wanted to. I've just been changing the kernel in a VM for school recently, and our last project this semester will be doing more of the same.

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it's not rocket surgery to backport a vital kernel patch, thankfully.

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Wish the 'post-meritocracy' idiots would be pressured to prove meritocracy wrong by forking and showing the merits of their non-meritocracy. Do you have any sources/resources that are reviewing potential degradation in Linus's absence?

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I review mainline patches, but I'm not good enough to spot bugsploits yet. I don't check Kroah-Hartman's kernel revisions. I'm backporting when needed (AMDGPU at this point) and keeping my kernel frozen otherwise. No weird "Linus/Greg wants this despite protests" threads on LKML, either (this happened with an Intel RNG patch a few years back). Just Linus cucking-out, and the kernel getting a CoC down it's throat.

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Quote from my Colleague who manages a Programming/Development team: "Would not surprise me at all if these China sourced IC chips and related Hardware Support Architecture has hidden Spyware built into ROM or EEPROM right out of the factory at the behest of the PLA. The Chinese remind me of the Ferengi in Star Trek, they will do anything they can to make profit at the expense of others, it's part of their culture. The Chinese will embed covert Spyware into the CPU's we saw them do this with Desktops a Decade ago. When it comes to Intellectual Property and Theft of Technology, they (the chinese) are worse than the Arabs Bandits." (Quote told to me at 8:45 AM this morning when reference this report)

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Since SJW's are basically Maoists, its starting to look like the Chinese MK'd him.

And here I thought the Jews did it...

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Who controls (((SJW)))?

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Aren't these exclusively for domestic use anyway?

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Many were exported and installed in Dell and HP desktops here by Chinese in this country. By 'chinese computer salesmen" at shows and such. This happened about 15 Years ago, Flashed the BIOS with spyware. Before they sold it at a discount. To someone who did not know an used it at their business and harvested SSN and CC numbers.

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https://archive.fo/dcaAO :

Woke Linus Torvalds rolls his first 4.20, mulls Linux 5.0 effort for 2019 • The Register

'The new, improved, and chilled-out Linus Torvalds emitted the first release candidate for Linux kernel 4.20 over the weekend. ', "Kernel stalwart Linaro's Arnd Bergmann last week noted that C-Sky could well be the last new processor architecture added to the kernel."

'If we add another architecture in the future, it may instead be something like the LLVM bitcode or WebAssembly – who knows?”The other processor architecture added in 4.20-rc1 is an AMD Zen-based data-center processor from Chinese vendor Hygon Dyana. '

'Yet the new "BigBen Interactive" driver that was added this merge window did exactly that. ', "And we most *definitely* don't do it when they are odd-ball ones that most people have never heard of."

This has been an automated message.

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Chinese Communist architectures or Jewish Communist architecture. Real dilemma here

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All you faggots need to chill. Microsoft, the king of underhanded play in IT, has been providing China with their OS for ages and no one ever complains.

Odds are that whatever malware they got planned for the wear is cooked into the hardware, and no kernel of any OS can fix that. It's buying Chinese hardware that fucks you over.

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He says he's going to take a break because of 'unprofessional' behaviour. Fuck that's sickening. This is how they win, crushing and bending individuals under their disgusting hordes of reeeeing. I'm going to kill a bunch of these fucks before I go. They can't cuck the entire world.

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please dont be an idiot and make things harder for us.

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If chaos erupts in my neighbourhood and cops are standing down and they're trying to burn down the house I was born in I'm going to force swat to come lock down the neighbourhood. I'm not going to shoot up a church or yoga studio like some kind of incel. I had a kid point a shotgun at me in the alley behind my place. If cops can't keep up with these people and they try to take over my neighbourhood, some might end up dead.

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which is better operating for student network platform linux or windows.

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