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So can I "hack" a DVD or Bluray movie to fix (remove) the forced previews, advertisements and other junk that make the disc "broken"?

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I remember when burning DVDs was a big thing, used to torrent movies and remove all that shit all the time.

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Yeah now people just pop a USB in or stream it.

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You cant stop farmers from hacking their tractors. Your ass WILL get shot.

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you actually cannot get the diagnostic tools to figure out what wrong. Plus it will void any warranty

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You know those pieces of tape that say "warranty void if seal is broken" has no authority? It doesn't mean anything, it's still under warranty.

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The "hacking" tools are Russian IIRC, which, is funny on multiple levels, but at least someone is making the tools for this.

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This is a step in the right direction, but it's not like they are fining/stopping apple or other companies from fucking you in the ass after you side step their drm. That's what needs to happen.

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Including to fix design flaws and deficiencies in software?

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No. They specifically ruled that out.

Specifically, it allows breaking digital rights management (DRM) and embedded software locks for “the maintenance of a device or system … in order to make it work in accordance with its original specifications” or for “the repair of a device or system … to a state of working in accordance with its original specifications.”

It's a baby step in the right direction, but there's a long way to go. We need unfettered access without DRM, we need access to specialized tools required for many repairs, and we need to have parts available to do repairs. Manufacturers are still going to fight this by limiting access to all of the above.

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Thats a pretty open statement as far as tech is concerned. With phones it could be argued that the recent trend of locked down firmware is now open to jailbreaking and rooting, as the device is created and then the carrier specific OS is added. Strip it to the firmware, and its original specs as per manufacturer

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Does this mean we can finally play Hellgate: London again?

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This is great. These mega corps are such greedy control freaks and government proxies. I hope we can continue to put them in their place.

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Does this include John deere?

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john deere is the apple of farming tractors

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Ya hear that John Deere? The Feds are saying "Fuck. You."

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I'm in favor of abolishing software patents entirely on top of destroy copyright. It just gets abused whenever it's created (read: extended with added benefits against the person who paid for it).

Edit: I rather like how trademarks are handled currently though. That one could easily replace a lot of this broken shit.

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