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If you thought this was news you haven't been following how badly Apple treats their customers and how shitty their products are, check out this dudes videos where he just goes off sometimes about shitty engineering and corporate ethics. Yeah, I know a YouTube link, still worth a watch.

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I went into the Apple Store to get my Mac repaired and some fucking piece of shit gook guaranteed my repair out of one side of his mouth. Then two minutes later he screwed me over. These evil motherfukers will overcharge you every chance they get. But that's the power of a monopoly.

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And they will continue to rip us off till they change their bullshit policy about third party repairs.

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Linux, or windows if you must.

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youtube pays producers and are the reason a whole fuck ton of people even bother to continue making content.

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Oh I wasn't surprised at all, but I found it funny that major tech sites did not cover this. And I know I read an article about how bad the company treated employees especially Steve Jobs apparently was the biggest asshole.

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Look up "End to End Control".

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That's why I have never bought an apple product

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I like their hardware, I like their software, but I can't stand their politics and their corporate greed. I've always seen Linux as an escape hatch for when Apple inevitably becomes intolerable, but now they've gone full SJW as well. Bleh.

I can only hope the "get woke go broke" thing puts a huge dent in their cash reserves, so their shareholders end up forcing them to get their shit together.

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What is funny is thosed threatened allowed them to continue to survive on this plane.

Also, idk how you pay $1,000 to be spied on. I am no better, but it's this that goes through my head during my purchases. Do i want this car? It has a black box and bluetooth the less secure of most protocols. Am i this stupid? I miss ignorant self.

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The link doesn't work.

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i know ill catch shit for this. dont care.

my Iphone SE 64 g is THE SHIT.

its fast s fuck, built like a tank and everything works with no waiting it took me less than 7 days to master everything apples phone could do quickly and with ease,, the camera is fucking awesome! no searching for apps, no looking for one app that reads a certain format of book....apple just works.

and with 50 gigs cloud storage for 99 cents a month? i never run out of storage. can i do all of this for free using mega, or buy cloud space from drop box?

yes! and cheaper too!

but time is money, i dont have time to hunt for things to save 20 bucks here and there. my time is important.apple works. i wont go past 7 till im forced for the headphone jack...but you know what? i have been using bluetooth for like 4 years now. i probably wouldnt notice anyway.

. im certian an android can do all the same things, but i quickly learned after making the switch 4 years ago, that apple does shit for you, rather than you having to tell android. i have a android for lesser work duties...its blows.

my only ONLY complaint i have with apple is that i cant color code theback grounds in imessage. seems like it would be effortless.

all work clients green background.

freinds yellow

women im fucking all different colors so i know who im lying to to get pussy.

i head you can do this if its jailbroken, but im on 12,01 so it hasnt been cracked yet.


buzzed bourbon expert rambles off topic about how apple is good.

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Do shills even try anymore?

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im not sure what that means.

i thought a shill was someone who worked for reddit or hillary.

also...if your calling me an apple shill...im typing this on a windows laptop. also...how come i never hear apple people say those who dont like them are "android shills?" whats that about?

ive never heard anyone rip apart andriod and its customers like apple gets.

and were all goats right? google is a massive data collection apparatus. period.

i think the reason we dont hear about apple people dissing and attacking other phones like the galaxy or whatever.....is because we are happy with our phones, they do what we want them to do, and we dont care about you. we dont even think about you.

if im driving my 2016 F-150 i dont think "fuck that guy! hes got a 2018 chevy?!?! but chevy sux bro!!! chevy is for brainwashed idiots with too much money"

of course not. why do people care so much about apple.... when niggers are ripping this country apart, democrats are trying to remove our borders, and take out guns, and people are still going to jail for weed?

get a life.

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Cloud storage? Just kill yourself.

Don't have time to save 20 bucks but will sit on voat and type out bullshit to people who don't matter? Genius.

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Yes put everything online in the cloud, what an idiot. And only 99 cents a month for 50GB? You can get a 64GB micro SD card for like $25 and that's going to probably last forever. And no one has access to your files because they're still on your phone.

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What the hell are you talking about? It’s ducking 12 bucks a year for 50 gigs I can access any photo or work documents anywhere in the country.

Your argument is so stupid I’m going to block you. And I’m gonna shoot you over to protect voat.

It’d be different if there was a logical point, but this is just stupid.

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