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Any student of history will tell you this. GOOGLE exposes a huge poorly-defended function-surface. A dangerous choice ... for a company embracing anti-liberty and thus energizing so many self-made enemies. Determined to take-down GOOGLE C3 ? Two-dozen frisky raiders could do it in a day. Same for the other major public-facing Quisling-teks & Trotsky media. Gawdsakes look at the exposed infrastructure and sheeple-like employees. Arrogantly self-entitled yet ... house-of-cards ...

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Can someone tell me what language this is?

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Are they surprised? They read every email and communique that humanity put out for a decade and a half. What they uncovered scared them, and it should. But what is said in private is meant to be private for a reason. Because most of the time people are full of shit.

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Nationlize them.

Cuckservative arguments be damned.

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And that's going to help how?

Instead of information being controlled by a couple of shitheads it'll be controlled by a couple of different shitheads?

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Google is dead. Millions need to stick a shovel in this bitch.

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Duckduckgo or searx.me. Tadaa, uncensored search results!

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Searx uses the other engines, so it's more private but still censored

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Still have problems watching his videos but I do listen. That jacket with no shirt and the way he drinks how coffee is too much for me.

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This is why Abe Lincoln, one of history's greatest homosexuals, was right when he said "those who deny liberty to others deserve it not for themselves."

This is the machine we need to rage against.

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Wait what? I need a link for this one!

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Crackers, breeders, and goyim are why we need the death penalty for hate speech.

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