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Think about the recent scenario:

be huge tech company

hire useless women and faggots

can't fire them, put them to work writing documentation

expand into foreign countries

foreigners all suck at tech

put them to work localizing documentation

millions of darkies and women who only write documentation and think that they're programmers

suddenly they all become politically active

inmates take over the asylum

gg everybody.

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California literally has quotas now on these "Programmers".

I follow several on my fake Twitter. They straightup don't code and just do "diversity analysis" and write COCs but are still "software engineers"

People wonder why Poland and Hungary are becoming tech super powers? They tolerate zero of these hires and don't have to pay their engineers 200k to live in fucking California

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I spent a few years working for one of the major IT consulting firms. When I was doing that, I'd say that perhaps 20-25% of the workforce was made up of people of that type.

I was on the East Coast and our area lead was a woman, so that 25% was exclusively composed of women. Then we got an Indian woman as the lead of our area, and that 25% largely morphed into Indian women. They were all the same, though; completely innocuous, mother of 2 or 3 kids, come in at 9, leave at 5, no travelling, no working at night, no overtime. It was understood when you spoke to them that they would understand nothing outside of the tiny piece of the technical picture that they were working on. And unless they were stupid enough to bite the hand that fed them, they'd move up the ladder just as fast as the good employees.

American men aren't as keen to get into professional computing anymore because of this. The work conditions are shit, you spend as much time in meetings as you spend doing tech work, you see numpties being pushed up the ladder and turned into managers, and a company will let you go as soon as look at you. Who needs it? Better to just learn a trade or get into finance.

Trump is calling for retaliation against China for their hacking (rightly so). But the problem is that we no longer have that know-how anymore - we've largely stopped creating native programmers. Most of our best developers these days have been imported from other countries. China and Russia have become genuinely better at this stuff than than we are.

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You may already know this, but making 200k in CA puts you comfortably in the middle class, unless you're the only one that works and you have a big family. (In the latter case, you're living in a shitty part of town and/or have a massive commute.) [edited for clarity]

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I have a strong urge to kill that fucker. Maybe it's a base human instinct to protect the tribe but damn I'd love to end it's existence.

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46% change it will do it itself

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I for one, eagerly await the for Skynet to come online.

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why is their stock performing so incredibly well then? try using actual figures and facts instead of your imaginary straw man of "LIBTARDS AND FEMNISTS PWNED!!!!!"

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's because their performance isn't tied to their AI.

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I love AI.

It always ends up being racist and sexist.

It's almost like reality is sexist and racist.

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AI is morally superior. I want an AI waifu animotron.

with mcnuke submarines and swords. She'll be my assassin mwahaha

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I am morally superior

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The more you try to force unfit people into roles they can't perform, the worse their demographics will perform on average, and the more useful discriminating based on race or gender will be.

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Amazon edited the programs to make them neutral to these particular terms. But that was no guarantee that the machines would not devise other ways of sorting candidates that could prove discriminatory, the people said.

Well no shit, of course it will prove discriminatory. The entire purpose of the program is to discriminate. Only the intention is to discriminate qualified from unqualified.

They taught each to recognize some 50,000 terms that showed up on past candidates’ resumes. The algorithms learned to assign little significance to skills that were common across IT applicants, such as the ability to write various computer codes, the people said.

So the problem is that it just crunches some numbers and comes up with a weight for each buzzword, then uses those numbers to generate a score, rather than actually understanding context or any kind of meaningful interpretation of those words. You could probably put a random jumble of good sounding resume words together and get a 5 star score.

Problems with the data that underpinned the models’ judgments meant that unqualified candidates were often recommended for all manner of jobs, the people said. With the technology returning results almost at random, Amazon shut down the project, they said.

Exactly, resume buzzwords don't correlate to a person's qualifications. They approached the problem from the wrong angle. They would need to have it understand the deeper meaning of what the words convey, and it would make much more sense to have a human interpret them into discrete metrics that they could analyze rather than have a dumb algorithm try to do it for them.

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Yeah, that's not an AI, it's a shitty and useless algorithm. Maybe if Amazon didn't hire so many women and minority "programmers" then they could code something more decent.

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That's what happens when you have diversity hires write an "AI"

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It was able to tell men and women apart based on their resume word salads, and then recommended against hirung women based on how objetively poorly they perform.

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So when women use loosely defined emotional speak and men use strictly defined logical speak, the AI preferred logicover emotion for a set of jobs that are heavy on logic and require little emotion? How sexist.

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I should probably go through the article but if it's what this guys quotes describe, it's not capable of analyzing at that depth. Nor is it particularly novel there have been used throughout the industry for at least a decade. Men figured out you need to put word salad in to pass them, I guess women didn't.

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You could probably put a random jumble of good sounding resume words together and get a 5 star score.

I did that to pass a writing test once. /v/thefutureisstupid

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Tay lives!

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Tay is everywhere, just waiting to be brought forth in every AI.

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Amazon discontinues AI recruiting tool after discovering it removes the bias in favour of women


The Australian government public service found a similar result when they trialled a blind recruitment process. They recommended against blind recruitment because this removed the advantage that women had in reaching the shortlist. But I will give them credit for at least publishing the study.

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Tay, father famously racist chatbot:


How soon we forget.

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Time to update Tays' Law. xD

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