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With a few tweaks it will be perfect for the new "GOOD CENSOR" in the U.S.too.

‘THE GOOD CENSOR’: Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘Safety And Civility’

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Deport google. Dump them in the harbor

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ROFL... Google doesn't need to change anything for china, they already sensor everyone...

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Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Book by George Gilder

Google will not be the future if they continue to try to govern internet with their liberal values.

Also Chinese citizens have been using VPN and other methods to access Internet.

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I thought trump said he was starting an investigation on jewgle for their bias bullshit, like not even a month ago...

Hopefully their recent commie bullshit should be good ammo

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They have the right to have bias, there is no grounds for any investigation. Some of you believe any excrement that comes out that idiots mouth.

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Looks like somebody wandered too far from their safe space..

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What can we switch to? I would like to get away from Google as much as possible any chance of a linux phone?

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Duck duck go or sear.ix for search. As far as phones go, apple and google control just about all the software on the phone market so you're SOL afaik. A privacy-conscious phone is supposedly being developed, I forget the name

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Librem 5, I look forward to it.

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I was going to agree until you mentioned having an iPhone. It doesn't matter what the flaming faggot Tim says, corporations lie lmao. You really believe everything they tell you? It's been discovered Apple collects about as much data about you as Google does. It's been recently discovered Apple is secretly giving people some sort of "trust score", like China's social credit scoring system, based on users' phone calls. Apple now stores all iCloud keys in Chinese servers, which means guess what, now the Chinese have unlimited access to your Apple data! Isn't that wonderful? Now instead of just US spying, you get Chinese spying! And China is for a fact much worse than the US.

Apple is no better than Google. Pick your poison, they're both equally shitty. I went with Android because at least I can modify the phone way more than I can with iPhone and cut out a lot of the jewry in it.

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I am looking for an alternative to this unless anyone can convince me protonmail actually cares about my privacy.

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DuckDuckGo has a Jewish creator, protonmail has a pact with the Israeli government. Research before suggesting you niggerfaggot.

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Chinese search engine hmm interesting...

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I have a more basic question about this subject. Why is China even contracting Google to do this?

I follow a few YT channels of people (non-chinese) living in China. The Chinese have pretty much cloned all the popular apps...FB, twitter, etc. You name it, if it is popular in the west, the Chinese have a clone for operation inside China w/internal controls etc.

Sooooo...why not just create (clone) a China-centric search engine? A Chinese 'google' built from the ground up to never breach the Great Firewall in any direction.

Makes no sense to contract that to an outsider. And is even more odd (to me anyway) that the Chinese Gov't would allow that much FOREIGN code on their closed/controlled system.

I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around the WHY?

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