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For non-intel-opcode ARM , there is no exact thing named AMD PSP but does have ARM "TrustZone":

"Meet the new eight core AMD Opteron A1100 Series SoC with ARM onboard" :

Thats a datacenter chip for low wattage but also has hidden spy hypervisor baked in!!! (for DRM security hah hahh hah sure THATS why its there)

All post 2016 chips are fucked except maybe RISC-V pcs (3,000 dollars)

"SiFive HiFive Unleashed" card and a support daughter-board (HiFive Unleashed Expansion Board) to add pci video slot and add sata ports but the two boards cost 3000 bucks together and you machine will perfrom the speed of a 500 dollar pc :

Eventually its major bridge chips will be sourced from foundries in Asia and then the games all over again.


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This looks scary.

So now chips built by street-shitters and dog-eaters are our best bet?