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[–] RoofKorean92 ago 

The reason I asked is because I hear other people talking about firewalls as a "defense" against Intel ME, only to learn that they're talking about some software firewall (which the ME chip obviously bypasses).

I use OpenWrt on a TP-Link in Ethernet-only mode. It's more than good enough for my needs. "Professional grade" sounds like shock and awe to me.


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Yeah. A software firewall will do nothing to an exploit that exists various levels below said software.

"Professional Grade" has things your typical OpenWRT or Tomato stack doesn't have, because the base hardware the firmware is updating does not have the features. These are not expensive features, just enough memory and storage to do things like extended logging, enable UTM, link aggregate, failover, QoS, etc. These are not expensive, you can find them in anything from the $120 Edgerouter Lite to the $500 Peplinks. No need for CISCO's $5,000-50,000 overpriced garbage.

You are projecting your shock and awe.