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for the most part a properly configured deny/deny with exceptions firewall

What kind of firewall are you talking about though? A software firewall installed on the host? Or something else?


[–] obvious_throwaway1 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

A properly configured deny/deny dedicated physical firewall. Not the crappy garbage that comes with the cheapest router your ISP could source to give you, but professional grade equipment.


[–] RoofKorean92 ago 

The reason I asked is because I hear other people talking about firewalls as a "defense" against Intel ME, only to learn that they're talking about some software firewall (which the ME chip obviously bypasses).

I use OpenWrt on a TP-Link in Ethernet-only mode. It's more than good enough for my needs. "Professional grade" sounds like shock and awe to me.