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I put this option in the same bucket as the skylake HAP disable bit. This is probably a placebo if the manufacturer is cooperating with a national level int agcy. You think its butter but its snot.


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I figure if I don't talk about trafficing drugs or kiddy porn or how I am in a conspiracy that is the type to imprison me I'm pretty safe and also of course no doing it in the first place. I consider what is happening on this website people showing how pissed they are at shit and also solutions for keeping this country from becoming some 3rd would socialist shit hole and that is not illegal and I really wish the Trump team that has his ear would browse our ideas and dislikes and add our shit to a list to look at closer or give right to the president if anything very intelligent is said that he could use. I have seen a huge amount of ingenious responses on this sight though I think the jew shit and hate all blacks when it's just the ones that are niggers that are no good and wasted that are a problem. I wish everything discussed here in the community get a glance because just this site has a ton of ideas that are usable or usable after a little moderating of the language so Trump doesn't get in any more trouble saying something that wasn't his idea on twitter this time, it's all good to me but most of the world is fucking thin skinned as fuck and to much of a prude when it comes to the unadulterated uncensored truth because the truth is the truth and it is something that is known when you hear it or read it if you are not a political dummy.