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low information voters

That's a round about way of calling all Trump voters stupid.

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Remember this?

But actually, most people are pretty bright. Depends on what information they are using.

Red Pill, Blue Pill, Purple Pill, Green Pill, Rainbow Pill, Black Pill

Choose your poison

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I remember that and it's remarkable. I can see why Trump was so liked by people in general. We dont really need Democrats anymore. People just need jobs and more money to live a happy life. Trump offers that.

It's the Googlers who are low information voters.

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Why do they feel the need to censor mainly information available to low information voters? 🤔🤔🤔

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"Low information voters" That's funny, I would say the same about them.

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What's "google"? Is that like Lougle but with a stupider name?

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I think it's the number "1" followed by a million zeroes; not sure who'd have the time to watch that many videos, though.

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"a million zeroes" = google.

Sounds right.

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with Google acting as the worlds online content filter and 23 and Me gathering everyone’s genetic markers, is anyone else suspicious of the combination of these two activities considering the owner of each company are/we’re married and Google invested millions into her company?

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I have been for a long time. They also spy on us 24/7.

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Low information voters? You mean like the hordes of democratic voters who only vote for the gibs and couldn’t accurately describe the platform of any of the candidates they voted for. They might want to look at their own house before they start throwing stones.

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Only until a low information engineer at google leaks the code and then we get an ai war...

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I bet mandatory voter ID would discourage a lot of low information voters

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