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Try uninstalling chrome from android.

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Install Brave.

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LOL so happy i made the switch to linux

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Ubuntu gang

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...So anyone got some advice for starting points for someone switching over to linux?

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Microsoft doesn't give a rats ass about what consumers want. The big money is with Enterprise customer.s To be fair, Edge is quite useful for streaming Amazon prime video. Chrome always looks a bit washed out and less crisp.That's the only advantage It has.

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Replace that with google/chrome/android and it's the exact same.

Did you know that bing is profitable? How do you think that happened?

I'd rather support Microsoft than Google. And fuck SJW fox.

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Brave & Vivaldi are also decent. I currently use Vivaldi on my desktop and Brave on mobile.

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https://archive.fo/S3VMw :

Latest Windows 10 Build Interrupts Firefox and Chrome Installations | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

'In the latest Insider build (1809) of the OS, Microsoft has started interrupting installations of the Firefox and Chrome web browsers. ', "Boot up a Chromebook running Chrome OS and you'll be using the Chrome browser, and Microsoft would very much love if it could enforce Edge use on Windows."

'As Ghacks reports, triggering the installation of Firefox or Chrome will see a screen pop up reminding users that Microsoft Edge is already available to use. ', "But that isn't the case, however, it does have control of what the operating system does and which installations it reacts to."

'Not only that, but it's apparently "the safer, faster browser for Windows 10."'

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