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They know what they're doing. They're just stopping the stupid peasants from thinking the internet is for people when obviously it's for the great cult of world rulers that have to decide what information the little idiots can and can't have.

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Welcome to 1984 you bastards.

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What's the matter pussies? Collapse of the west not to your liking? It not as fun and glamorous as you imagined?

I hope you do realize that these are the good ol' days and soon they will be the last good days for a long time. Enjoy while you can Goats.

We are dealing with a undemocratic group of people that decide for us.

Every passing day i respect US founding fathers more and more.

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Funny thing. I never had any respect for those Founding Fathers, but the more I see where the modern world is going, the more I see how fucking ahead of their time they were.

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Founding Fathers were Greatest of All Time. They knew that protecting oneself and the things you earned and love was a right inalienable and inherent to true humans.

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Just send us your best genetic stock for mating...and keep the rest.

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Fuck off, we left Europe for a reason.

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Is not simply about Europe. The EU is a beta test for the NWO global plans. Whatever gets past there we have to keep a close eye on, as it will be at least proposed in the US, if not passed.

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So many fucking idiots. What happens in Europe will happen in the USA

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There's only so long you can tell yourself it's not the people it's the leaders, welcome.

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They need to hurry the fuck up about it.

Ah, accelerationism, a good outlook at this point.

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China officially has more freedom than the EU

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I wonder if US firms will go along with it if it passes(It still has to go through a shitton more red tape). On the one hand, they tend to jack off to totalitarian government measures. On the other hand, it would absolutely murder their profit margins and make operating in the EU pointless. Some of them have already spoken out against this.

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This would create an incredible burden for small platforms, and could be used as a mechanism for widespread censorship.

I'm sure Google and Facebook are behind this whole thing. They couldn't get this law passed here because of Trump.

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That's three hands you've got there.

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Old people fucking with young people and messing something up again because they don't understand or give a fuck. This should be met with block Europe internet from America. Or we cant have nice things.

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People complain about colonialism all day and yet here is the eu attempting to use dictatorial powers to force other nations to change the way they do business just to appease them.

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That's probably exactly what they're aiming for. The filthy United States and their free speech is polluting their unquestionable right to own what Euros think.

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The filthy United States and their free speech

The irony of that statement...

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But they want the US to bock them not them bock the US that way it is our fault when the public rebels not theirs, they want to raise this scapegoat from the start not look for one when it is needed.

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Not only do they understand it but they intend to break it for everyone except gargantuan corporations.

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I would consider your old people remark misdirected. I am an old people and I'm all for an open internet. Shit I don't like shouldn't be censored. I should just not go to those sites.

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the EU always lies. they are only corporatist shill and anti democracy and anti humanity

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The boomers don't understand technology.

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fuckhead, boomers created the tech you use. Child idiot.

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No, Gen X did. Go back to your 3rd world shithole.

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