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I already don't get security updates because my processor is "too new." Fuck Microsoft. When this machine finally bites it I'm going back to Linux.

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Why are you waiting? If your processor is too new for 7 then you can't have anything too old and will be waiting years for it to die. If you are going, go.

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Raven or Vega problems? Mine is stable on 4.19-rc1 and rc3.

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Heyo, don't use imgur. They're censor-happy and some of us have imgur blocked at a network or hosts level. Use imgoat. For goats. Like us.

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Also save your images, hosts die all the time in the age of Yid control.

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Problem is they delete images after a while, so if someone were to look at his comment a year from now, they wouldn't be able to see the GIF.

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A monthly charge hahah you goddamned faggots! Install linux today.

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Linux Mint XFCE for the easiest transition out of hell.

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They should have done this with XP too. I mean they are desperately trying convert their packaged goods business into a subscription model and they let that XP opportunity go.

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Because it's all backdoored by the CEIP and Telemetry now... fucking evil fucks.