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Gaming and work is the only reason I am still on Win10, my laptop is running linux mint.

It's really no where near as complicated as most on the net would tell you

At first yes, if you start adding repos, or mess around with WINE trying to get a certain program to work it is a pain in the ass. I love Linux, but to say it is not complicated is a complete outright lie that Linux buffs say because they know what to look for when a problem arises, as do I, but most people just want their software or games to work. I have switched a couple of my friends to Linux that just casually browse the web and play a game here and there. They wanted Windows back within a week. Take it as you will and get butthurt but until Linux gets more support, mainstream PC users are not going to go for it.

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Yes the improvements have been insane in the past 10 years, it was practically unusable IMO 12 years ago when I first tried Ubuntu in high school, but to have more devs create products for Linux you need the masses on it. I know people on here give spotify a lot of shit cause of "muh libs" or whatever but I'll give them a shout out for full Linux support, snap at that. Valve also putting in a good effort, really wish the steam boxes took off. I am being hopeful in the next 10 years we will see Linux as a strong contender, looking back, it is entirely possible.