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It's really no where near as complicated as most on the net would tell you.

Caveat to this, if you have a problem and do not know your hardware on your machine then it can get complicated really fast. Video cards are the top cause of no GUI (nomodeset option in Grub, or a similar option, usually lets you get past that). Wifi cards based on Realtek are the biggest issue once you get to GUI. Other than that you usually have no problem at all. If you built the machine yourself then you should have little issue. If not, but you have the manufacturer and model and the ability to use search engines, you should still have no problem.

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You also just described installing windows 10 on any pc older than 6 or 7 years.

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Not really. I have done multiple 2010 era machines recently with Windows 10 and none required anything special other than the latest ISO pushed to USB using Rufus.

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I've also had issues like this after installing new software packages. Sometimes things just break and it can be a nightmare figuring it out. Generally speedwise it's much

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video cards are the top cause of no GUI. Wifi cards based on Realtek are the biggest issue once you get to GUI

If I were microsoft these would be the things I target, providing funding to developers of 'open source' drivers to develop shitty versions for linux, and flood the net with them.