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"Microsoft is the only threat to Windows."

Totally agree. I switched not because Linux seemed so great, but because Micropajeet had made so many unbelievably poor choices that suddenly Linux became far more appealing.

If you've never tried Linux, give Mint a shot. You can boot it from a USB so you don't need to commit just to see what it's like. It's really no where near as complicated as most on the net would tell you.

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I agree. Linux isn't perfect, and as it shares a totally different OS lineage and design philosophy, it can seem intimidating to those who don't enjoy hobbying with PCs or work with them on a daily basis. I'm here to tell everyone, as somebody who installs windows hundreds of times a month, and Linux almost as often... Not every distribution of Linux is the same. The amazing thing to me however is how easy it has become for an inexperienced user to get into Linux. More often than not, I'll image a workstation with Linux and it will already include open-source drivers for everything out of the box, unlike windows that will require OS-specific drivers, specially on legacy hardware (good luck supporting anything more than 10 years old on Windows 10). Linux doesn't force me to update, I don't have to worry about my end-users downloading viruses and malware left- and right, and once you've used it for a while, it just fucking makes sense. As I stated before, it isnt perfect, nothing is. But I can make it as close to perfect as I want. And compared to Windows, well, there's just no comparison anymore. The only reason uptake of open-source networking and domain policy hasn't taken off yet is due to Microsofts incessant pandering to c-level executives and the various support contracts they sign their companies onto.

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I want to share an upsetting situation when I worked as IT technician (fancy word for Professional Windows Re-installator). A customer wanted a computer for purely playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I told him that I can sell him this computer without windows and you can save some cash if he'd use Linux, because all Half-Life/CS games run really nice on Linux. He said, sure sounds great. So, I went about my business, and when the computer was done, he came to pick it up, but with a concern: His computer mouse (Razer) had this software to adjust accelleration/sensitivity and other shit. I told him that you can do that here and there. He hesistated because this was unknown... So he wanted his Windows because of that only particular reason. I wanted to shove the computer far up his asshole and tell him to fuck the hell off. But as a good samaritan with a fake smile I installed Windows... with some overcharge. This shit kinda upsets me even today, but not as much now...

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I've been using Linux off and on for 6 years. I hear a lot of people say "Linux just makes more sense" but it doesn't for me. It's still damn confusing why when I install one piece of software it can somehow break seemingly completely unrelated software. It's super frustrating and one of the reasons I keep going back to windows 7.

I don't want to troubleshoot my computer constantly, I want to do tasks like games or web browsing (yes somehow Firefox became broken from me installing some other package).

I REALLY want to like it, but it can be a real asshole sometimes.

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Gaming and work is the only reason I am still on Win10, my laptop is running linux mint.

It's really no where near as complicated as most on the net would tell you

At first yes, if you start adding repos, or mess around with WINE trying to get a certain program to work it is a pain in the ass. I love Linux, but to say it is not complicated is a complete outright lie that Linux buffs say because they know what to look for when a problem arises, as do I, but most people just want their software or games to work. I have switched a couple of my friends to Linux that just casually browse the web and play a game here and there. They wanted Windows back within a week. Take it as you will and get butthurt but until Linux gets more support, mainstream PC users are not going to go for it.

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I never said it wasn't complicated, but it's nowhere as bad as the internet would lead you to believe. There's a distinction there.

Mint has a repo manager now, and Wine is getting better due to programs like PlayOnLinux and the new SteamPlay thing, which take some of the guesswork out.

Most of the anti Linux talk seems to be suck in a decade ago or so when everything had to be done through the CLI.

Frankly, I don't care if the mainstream doesn't go for it. The mainstream still watches the MSM. All I'm saying is that Linux is entirely doable if you want to put in a bit of effort to learn, and I really think most will thank themselves for it sooner rather than later.

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I just tried to install Mint 19 today and the installer goes 99% of the way, then reports it failed to make the volume bootable. I don't have fucking time to troubleshoot stuff like this.

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But you do have time for windows update fucking everything....

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Disable secure boot on bios.

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It's really no where near as complicated as most on the net would tell you.

Caveat to this, if you have a problem and do not know your hardware on your machine then it can get complicated really fast. Video cards are the top cause of no GUI (nomodeset option in Grub, or a similar option, usually lets you get past that). Wifi cards based on Realtek are the biggest issue once you get to GUI. Other than that you usually have no problem at all. If you built the machine yourself then you should have little issue. If not, but you have the manufacturer and model and the ability to use search engines, you should still have no problem.

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You also just described installing windows 10 on any pc older than 6 or 7 years.

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I've also had issues like this after installing new software packages. Sometimes things just break and it can be a nightmare figuring it out. Generally speedwise it's much

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video cards are the top cause of no GUI. Wifi cards based on Realtek are the biggest issue once you get to GUI

If I were microsoft these would be the things I target, providing funding to developers of 'open source' drivers to develop shitty versions for linux, and flood the net with them.