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A king can always order the tide to not come in

Article 13

This section of the directive will completely reconfigure websites’ responsibilities when it comes to enforcing copyrights. Until now, the so-called Ecommerce Directive has given online platforms broad protection from being subject to copyright penalties when they simply acted as a conduit for user uploads. It’s very similar to the laws in the U.S. that exempt YouTube from penalties as long as its making its best effort to take down infringing material when it’s reported. YouTube uses an automated content recognition system combined with an army of human beings to review the material users’ upload. It costs the company millions of dollars to do this. Critics of Article 13 say that every popular platform—estimated to mean the top 20 percent—that allows users to post text, sounds, code, still or moving images will need one of these systems.

What this is, in practice, is the death of internet hosting services in europe, period

THings were not all rosy already with hate speech laws, but now with this, fugget 'bout it, you don't host your site in the EU end of story (unless you're a fagged ass normie bullshit site pretending people give a fuck about your content), because it's too much of a pain in the ass

Now they can always block non compliant sites, but then they'll have to block proxies, and basically go in dry dock, cut themselves from the rest of the world

It's a dumb bureaucratic move, that will as usual, be ultra expensive, unpracticable, will only cripple the economy, and will become completely obsolete within years if not from the get go

And as someone said here already, it's basically a death warrant for the EU, people will be as happy with this as a cat who gets served rice instead of his usual can of 4 star cat food

Customers are going to get grumpy, and foreign sites complying with this, such as yahoo and shit, are going to shoot themselves in the foot

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Don't they see all these problems you've explained coming? I don't understand how they can argue this would be beneficial in any way, espcially if it's hurting European businesses. How can something like this get passed?

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Reality is that they are scared shitless about rising populism, desperately want to shut it down, pretend it's for copyright shit, and copyright lobbies are happy with that evidently, two birds one stone

Reality is that all those idiots are barely capable of sending an email, to them internet is google and facebook, and twitter is for the rebel cool kids among them

People vastly underestimate the level of tech dumb the so called political elites are afflicted with

Ever had to explain to a boomer what the desktop is, I mean right in front of his computer?

I did, and the guy was a medic