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Silent = Secret = They knew it was unethical but they did it anyway

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Unethical should equal illegal and jail time in my opinion.

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It is illegal if it breaks campaign finance rules. It was probably completely against those rules and was therefore kept secret. They likely broke the law and should face criminal penalties, but you know how it goes with big corporations. Corporate personhood will mean a slap on the wrist fine and no real people going to jail. They know this and decided it was worth the risk to get her elected. Fuck them.

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Stop using google. Switch your default search engine. Delete google accounts. Sell your android phone. Use Tails when you must go on the internet.

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Governments are criminal.

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If you're doing a collusion draft for winning an election, google is probably first pick unless you can actually succeed at doj coup removal. These people fucked up so hard.

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Those silent donations might get someone some jail time or even have some organizations have their political tax free status revoked because of manipulation and fraudulent practices. Lets see them all fall down.

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Dumb asses, maybe illegals, young indoctrinated second generation and lazy asses that just want to take advantage of the democratic plantation Latinos vote for the left. And maybe the women because they are so easy to manipulate, but hard working old school Latino men are very right leaning.

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If it's true, it is ground for death penalty because of high treason.

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michael scofield himself can’t understand the relation though. I mean what would let google support Clinton??

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Doesn't matter unless they are prosecuted for election tampering...….

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Let's see, illegal donations via the Clinton Foundation money laundering from corporations, and other countries, all of which is illegal. This started at least in the 1990s when John Huang, a Chinese national, donated to the Clintons.

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