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You generally want WAV or AIFF files for stems. They're huge and uncompressed, but offer the best quality for the production engineer. Once the mix and master have been done at the highest quality level, you can mix down to MP3 for distribution.

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So nice to see you and you pretty much confirmed what I thought, thanks and I hope you are doing well?

While you are here, just to ask... did you ever receive that email with the music score for Medieval Fair attached? I bet you it's in your spam folder...

Also ignore the quote for equipment I wanted you to look at, it's more then doubled since then in price... lol

@thebuddha is checking it out for me today as he has a bit of time his hands but do check for the music score :)

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I did get the email, but I was traveling for work. I got back home last night and am just now catching up...

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You have a reply, by the way.