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Answer: It depends.

I use MP3 for publish sharing and generally delete the big original files 'cause I'm a guitarist and it's not actually hard to recreate most of them, even though I don't want to. I'm generally only interested in the result that gets shared. The rest gets deleted

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Real useful little chart going on there, thank you!

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Yeah, it really depends.

People get confused - and it's a bit misleading to the novice. FLAC only comes with certain bitrates. Because it's lossless, it must be (or is assumed to have been created as) a certain bitrate - that is a certain amount of information per second. The other formats can be encoded at a lower bitrate, that is less data per second of recording. There are also things like compression, but that's not really important.

FLAC's minimum bitrate is something like 192 - that's 192 bits of data per second. Other formats can go much, much lower - even down to 16 bits per second. I think WAV can even go down to 8 bits per second. Old video came consoles? Those were 8 and 16 bits per second, graphics and music.

So, the chart that I linked will tell you their sizes when the file is the same and when the bitrates are the same.