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FLAC has, by definition, the same audio data as a corresponding WAV file. It's compressed, but it's losslessly compressed (unlike MP3 which is lossily compressed).

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I have a question though, are FLAC files as big as WAV ? I struggle sometime to upload big WAV files and have to convert it to MP3 and loose integrity in the recording for sure.

@thebuddha @MrHarryReems ?

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You generally want WAV or AIFF files for stems. They're huge and uncompressed, but offer the best quality for the production engineer. Once the mix and master have been done at the highest quality level, you can mix down to MP3 for distribution.

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So nice to see you and you pretty much confirmed what I thought, thanks and I hope you are doing well?

While you are here, just to ask... did you ever receive that email with the music score for Medieval Fair attached? I bet you it's in your spam folder...

Also ignore the quote for equipment I wanted you to look at, it's more then doubled since then in price... lol

@thebuddha is checking it out for me today as he has a bit of time his hands but do check for the music score :)

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Answer: It depends.


I use MP3 for publish sharing and generally delete the big original files 'cause I'm a guitarist and it's not actually hard to recreate most of them, even though I don't want to. I'm generally only interested in the result that gets shared. The rest gets deleted

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Real useful little chart going on there, thank you!

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Use dBpoweramp to convert your music. Set FLAC to level 8 so no extra compression is applied.

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The linked article determines otherwise