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Linking directly to (((salon.com)))

I know about your kind, CIA nigger.

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check if OP glows in the dark

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Shouldn't be an issue if you disallow scripts.

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and sleeping with AIDS-infested crack whore should be fine, if you just use a condom.

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They just switch to Instagram or some other shit. Probably owned by Facebook.

Don't like that some fuck owns social media? Decentralize it.

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Decentralized it = use some other service that isn't facebook

Problem is: ignorant people are fooled into believing that facebook is the only social media and so they ridicule all internet services as though there nothing better than the facebook, when in reality facebook is a corputed version of social media.

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I just rebuilt a car with my own hands including race engine blueprint, took all summer but ok because driveway build. Imagine that some person spent the same amount of time immersed in social media with nothing to show in the end.

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Not everyone wants to spend their time with building some hot rod brah.

I mean if you are going to go that way at least build something with wings or something. Your humble bragging is laced with shall we say.....bourgeoisie monkey wrenching.

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Is someone butthurt, guess you don't have the knowledge to accomplish something like that.

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Quick! Everybody act like the (((hip young kids)))


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Probably because their parents are on it and they don't want them to see what they are doing.

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Surprised it's only 44%. This censorship is the digital equivalent of public lynchings. The world needs an open-platform phone competitor to Apple/Google with apps for Voat, Gab, Bitchute, Real.video, etc.

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Probably because younger viewers prefer using Instagram or WhatsApp which can be a lot more fun and hassle-free.

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