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You do know that SS7 and its succesor Diameter are fundamentaly broken, right?

There is no security if you make a POTS call; and SMS is only secure if you and your recipient are using something like Silence. Better yet, use Signal, XMPP+OMEMO, or Matrix+OLM. If you're not using encryption, you're fucked.

Dude, it is ALL backdoored and compromised. Everything you say or do in an electronic medium is available to anyone who wants it enough to work for it.

I just assume that everything I say on the internet or on my phone is monitored. I have assumed this since the early days of the internet. Anyone who wants to listen to my boring phone calls can go right ahead.

It's easier that way.

SMS ? I told you. Phones are for talking. That's it.

My only worry is that they are going to stop making flip phones and force me to use one of those over-engineered dopamine response mediating devices.

Luckily, there is always the Jitterbug.

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If you want to talk, then you should be using Signal or a ZRTP client. If you can't resist social media or whatever else on a smartphone gives you a dopamine buzz, that's a personal problem.

Jitterbug or something like it is even more likely to have shitty security; after all, what security researcher would spend their limited time reviewing a Jitterbug device? And would Jitterbug Inc. even care about any security vulnerabilities found?