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I punched a con man in the face for 5 seconds.. he basicaly caused my friends family to lose about 500k family and friends and nothing happend to him.. i saw him at a bar and confronted him because he was talking to some young rich guy i warnee the young guy and the girls with them.. he got mad and embarrassed he came up to me poked me in the chest and cursed at my.. i punched him in the face for 5 seconds and left... Well i was found guilty of assualt and it ended up fucking me over bad.. 15 to 20 k lost dollars.. 9 mknths probations

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Dude, I don't want to rub a 20k$ sentence in too bad, but you're fucking dumb. You should have said he shoved you in the chest initiating the physical confrontation... You know, like he was trying to shove you into a stool, which is dangerous. He didn't "poke" you. Also, never trust someone offering a deal you didn't dig up or work to find yourself.

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He had himself and another witness.. its not rubbing it in i thought my 4500 dollar lawyer did a good job he was a friends recommindation.. i got fucked by the judge in the end, by the way he wrote the charges and his jury instructions.. also it should have never went that far they had a boner for me being a white guy in a hispanic majority city... i know the judge fucked me because two jurors said they felt they had to find me guilty based on the judges instructions.. in the end you are fuckee the secone you get into court period.

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Punching someone is not the best answer. Like they say, the best revenge is success...and using that success to buy one of that guy's neighboring properties and donate it to a recently paroled serial rapist.

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Lol.. i was going to try and fuck his girl friend.. i have a friend who is pretty much a privite invesgtigator and he can find out if he has a gf and info about her... when i have time i might try.