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I wish I could lie and say things will get better. I can't. I can't fucking lie to people and say things will get better. The truth is most people are shit in the worst way and I don't see that trend reversing. I mean they're petty, bitter and they lie all the time about others and by 'lie' I mean they bring out the worst in others then exaggerate those qualities when they're talking about them. Life is a junior high. People never grow out of that anymore. Masculinity no longer controls the work place. Tattle tales, whiners, virtue signalers and white knights do. The simplest reason is no one is at risk of getting punched in the mouth for their shit. No matter how civilized people become, that threat of violence really helps keep people in line and helps keep the BS drama to a minimum. It doesn't even have to happen often.. just the possibility that it could happen keeps the biggest worms backing down. We fucked that up in the 90s.

Things don't change whether you're working at Wal-Mart or making 6 figures. You can mitigate that some by taking jobs where you're working by yourself more of jobs where you're not at a desk. That is what I did. Yes, it helps. For a kid cutting out social media is like cutting out their whole social life. Most would still be better off doing it. But people aren't going to get any better after school. Worse, school has destroyed most of these kids for real life. Even if these kids transition into working for a place like Google where HR is a way of life and slip right on into another similar sock socially, that whole way of life and way of thinking is exhausting. Being around those people, even if you're one of them, is exhausting. Being that person is exhausting. You can't keep all that up forever.


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I want to disagree, but you're right that low-quality people are unlikely to have great lives these days. In the old days, even the dumbass could usually get along and be 'relatively' content, if not happy. Life was slower, people were fewer, and most everyone lived their own lives instead of trying to live the lives of random other people on social media. Aside from disco, life in the 70s, 80s, and 90s was probably "peak life".

The internet being opened up to the masses was probably the beginning of the end, aside from all the other stuff going on. Humans aren't built for that kind of connectivity.


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They may adjust but I find that highly unlikely. We'll see how AI intervention goes. By the time Brave New World gets here, it'll be welcomed. It already would be for some people. You know there are a lot of 'low quality' people that live great lives. They get high every day. They shoot up. They suck the glass dick. They drink a case a day. A lot of them are just happy. They always have a sense of purpose, always caught up in petty drama. I think it's thinkers or people with emotional depth that have a hard time. It's people who got caught up in Rx addictions that normally would never be that way. I've seen a lot of people that 30 years ago women would be crawling over but today, they're nothing special. An average guy with a job and small home is not nearly as appealing as a drug dealer to most ladies who aren't in the top 5%. A lot of guys who work 50 hours a week, at any job 40 years ago would be able to have a wife and house somewhere isolated. There's no way that would happen now for most of us. That depends on your area and income but my point is.. it's not all 'low quality' people getting left behind and being miserable. If that were true, the global and national IQ would not be dropping. If that were true illiterate felons in prison with drug addictions wouldn't be having multiple children.


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I punched a con man in the face for 5 seconds.. he basicaly caused my friends family to lose about 500k family and friends and nothing happend to him.. i saw him at a bar and confronted him because he was talking to some young rich guy i warnee the young guy and the girls with them.. he got mad and embarrassed he came up to me poked me in the chest and cursed at my.. i punched him in the face for 5 seconds and left... Well i was found guilty of assualt and it ended up fucking me over bad.. 15 to 20 k lost dollars.. 9 mknths probations


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Dude, I don't want to rub a 20k$ sentence in too bad, but you're fucking dumb. You should have said he shoved you in the chest initiating the physical confrontation... You know, like he was trying to shove you into a stool, which is dangerous. He didn't "poke" you. Also, never trust someone offering a deal you didn't dig up or work to find yourself.


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Punching someone is not the best answer. Like they say, the best revenge is success...and using that success to buy one of that guy's neighboring properties and donate it to a recently paroled serial rapist.


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Yep, by placing the effeminate men and women in charge we fucked ourselves. Now they got use by the balls, no way to fight back, you either conform to their world view or get fucked.


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Nice handle!

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain