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The fear of missing out is too much for people to overcome.


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I'ts not just that. Kids have less freedom than they had in the past. Less freedom, less control in what they actually do. Less opportunities for work competing with all the spics. What is it now, 1/3rd of the US is Mexican? Now adays kids cant even cut grass to earn extra cash cause they have to compete with Senior Lopez and his merry band of illegals. Cant earn money, parents are poor too, neighborhoods went to shit before you were born... you see where this is going for a kids future.

That phone gives em some dopamine on the cheap though.


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Yep this is it. Unchecked immigration have erased all aspects of upward mobility for younger generations. They have to dodge bullets to get to school, their classes are full of dullits and morons who distract and ruin the lessons because they don't want to be there and their culture and parents do not discipline their youth. Outside of school they compete for basic jobs like working at macdonalds so they cannot afford to go to college, unless they get some huge debt.


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It's a mix between a lack of work, overwhelming school systems, constant entertainment and drug dependencies. Everything is addicting, a rat race compeition or isolating. So the stress relief of connection to an outside world is huge. And the fact it is addicting is huge.

Modern life is a force of mental destruction. We live in an age where homework is due at midnight, daily drug use by children is normal every student is compeiting against the whole world. I would not be surprised if students unionized and overthrow a school board in a bloody coup.


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App developers use tricks that work the mind like gambling does, which can be addicting. This makes it a little less addicting: Change Your Screen to Grayscale to Combat Phone Addiction Says Google Engineer

Maybe there can be a kid mode setting on the phone. But the social problems that you mentioned also have to be addressed.


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Sounds like a great way to cultivate victims for satanic cults. Damn I hate being an evil bastard with a heart of gold. Thinking such evil things makes me want to scrub my mind out with bleach and steel wool.


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Suicide is the ultimate missing out


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Yea, I've seen that phrase a lot.. FOMO.. faggits. I will admit, I dont get invited to a lot of things my normie friends do and then ill get a call wondering where i am. But then again, it's usually normie things so I dont care too much but it does suck sometimes.


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Ya, don't want to be the only one who doesn't kill themselves...